Anyone Know of the Big Island Farmer Rumors?

Richard Ha reports today that Farmers on the Big Island are in trouble.

Something that stood out to me, is the following statement:

The rumor going around the farmers market is that two large farmers on the Big Island, and a bunch of small farmers, are thinking of calling it quits. The reasons have to do with rising costs of fertilizer, supplies and transportation, coupled with slowing retail sales. Distributors are calling them up at the last minute saying, “Don’t ship tomorrow.” The farmer has sunk costs, and after a few of these calls they are asking, “Why am I doing this?”…

It is becoming more and more difficult to rely upon others for our own food.

The more we learn to grow are own foods, the better we will be off in the future.

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  1. I am also very interested in Richard Ha’s statement. Who were the distributors?

    Is this a common practice with Hawaii distributors to cancel orders at the last minute?

    I have heard it has happen before.

    Damon – If I find out… I’ll post it here.

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