Tesoro Takeover Speculations Begin

I just noticed this post by an investor about Tesoro:

…Tesoro is a big name in California and Hawaii – large markets in the United States – and is trading at these levels, which has many believing that it could be a takeover candidate

I myself have always wished I had the capital to take over some major companies that seem to be exploiting Hawaii.

Joseph and Gumapac 1 Vote Separating Them

My Unofficial Polls at the top of this page indicates just how important it is for everyone to vote.

The 5th District race is currently just one vote difference between Joseph and Gumapac out of 122 votes cast so far as of this posting.

This could boil down to a close race if folks get out and vote!

Pilago’s Bill 361 Before the Council Tomorrow: Taro and Coffee

I mentioned on Wednesday that Pilago would be going before the council with his bill to protect Taro and Coffee tomorrow, September 9th on the Kona side.

The bill can be seen here.

BILL NO. – 361

Section 14- Purpose.
The purpose of this article is to protect the taro (kalo) and coffee industry from
genetic engineering and preserve agriculturally-based practices and cultural traditions associated with taro (kalo) and coffee within the County of Hawaii.

More here

Friends of Puna’s Future (FoPF) New Website

I just noticed that the FoPF website is now up and running.

Go check it out here.

It looks as though it’s still being worked on, but a great start none the less.

Today’s KO

Indian game show gone bad:


A DARKERVEW Sounds Off on the Big Island Lights Question Posed

I wrote to Andrew Cooper earlier today about the Street Lights on the Big Island, and he responded with some interesting feedback that I hadn’t heard of before.

It’s a fairly long letter, and it still hasn’t gotten me convinced that the lighting on Big Island roads needs to be improved:

The streetlights do have an impact on the telescopes.  There is a reason
my website is called “A Darker View”, the impacts of light on
astronomical observation is significant.  Astronomers come to Hawai’i to
escape the massive lighting found around major metro areas, there are
few places in the mainland US unaffected by artificial light.  The
enormous amount of electric outdoor lighting has an impact on our lives,
our pocket books, on our health and on wildlife.  Many of these impacts
are quite negative.  We are in love with electric light and we use it
extravagantly.  I am not saying turn all the lights off, we need to
consider safety, but better design and better lights can reduce the need
for light and increase safety.  Use it where we need it and not


Astronomers prefer that the streetlights that are installed be low
pressure sodium (LPS), these are the yellow lights installed for all
civic lighting in Hawai’i.  These have two big advantages, they emit on
a single wavelength allowing astronomers to filter that wavelength out
of the data.  They are also far more power efficient to run, emitting
more light per watt than competing halide or mercury lights.  This saves
the County of Hawai’i and the taxpayers, who must pay the power bill for
all of these lights, an enormous amount of money.


A couple other advantages to LPS, the bulbs last longer and keep a good
light output until failure (competing technologies dim with age) and the
yellow light output (589nm) is nearer the peak photopic sensitivity of
the human eye, meaning we see better with less light and energy.  The
situation with respect to lighting type and effectiveness in safety is
complex and depends on a lot of factors.


It may be more a case of badly designed and poorly chosen lights.  Many
of the lights I do see on the island are older, inefficient designs.  A
modern light is much better at putting its light where needed, on the
ground and on the road and not all across the neighborhood around it.
The differences are primarily in the reflector and lens design, the
newer lights were designed on computer optical CAD software that takes
the guesswork out of the equation.  These lights give better
illumination on the road for the same amount of power and light.


Better lights for reducing glare and reducing light pollution are full
cutoff types.  I see a lot of the non-cutoff types where glare is a
problem, look for a big glass dome hanging below the light fixture, full
cutoff does not have this.  Without the full cutoff you see the light,
which is bright, but everything else, including the road below is dim in
comparison, this is a glare problem.  Full cutoff also has the advantage
of not shining in the windows of surrounding homes.


I have felt that many streets on the island, particularly in residential
neighborhoods are badly over-lit.  There is quite a bit of research that
shows that too much light at night messes with our hormonal cycles
needed for good sleep, particularly with melatonin, with a range of
health impacts.  Getting county lights out of the neighborhoods and onto
the streets and critical intersections would help without increasing the
power bills.  But considering the many people who do not understand the
issues, and are in love with light for all the wrong reasons, this is


Sorry about the long message, a bit of a pet peeve subject.  But much of
the astronomy community, amateur and professional is a little sensitive
on this subject.

Andrew Cooper

Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Man Contest at the Womens Expo

I guess I’ll file this one under you learn something new.

This one is not for my entertainment… but yours.   I didn’t even know they had these things!


To a DARKERVIEW… A Question on Light

Sent the following letter off to Mr. Cooper:

Dear Andrew,

With today’s technology and the High Powered telescopes that you folks have atop Mauna Kea… is it really necessary that the street lights be so dim over the entire island that it makes for driving on the roads dangerous?

Many lives have been lost because of the road conditions on these islands and I’m convinced that lighting at nights is part of the problem.

Any pertinent information would help as I research ways to make these roads safer.

Anyone Know of the Big Island Farmer Rumors?

Richard Ha reports today that Farmers on the Big Island are in trouble.

Something that stood out to me, is the following statement:

The rumor going around the farmers market is that two large farmers on the Big Island, and a bunch of small farmers, are thinking of calling it quits. The reasons have to do with rising costs of fertilizer, supplies and transportation, coupled with slowing retail sales. Distributors are calling them up at the last minute saying, “Don’t ship tomorrow.” The farmer has sunk costs, and after a few of these calls they are asking, “Why am I doing this?”…

It is becoming more and more difficult to rely upon others for our own food.

The more we learn to grow are own foods, the better we will be off in the future.

Would Gannet Close the Honolulu Advertiser?

I mentioned back on August 24th that there were problems going on at the Advertiser.

I turn your attention to this quote from Ian Lind’s Blog today:

…Oshiro seems to raise the possibility that Gannett could close the Advertiser and leave Hawaii

Dept. of Energy Grants $500,000 to Hawaii

Just noticed the Federal Dept. of Energy has released 6.6 Million in grants.  Hawaii is receiving $500,000 of it to study the following:

…Hawaii will establish a policy framework for renewable energy for the grid infrastructure using innovative demand site management, electrical storage, smart grid technologies, and electrical transmission and delivery technologies. The grid infrastructure will be specific to the Island of Oahu where over 80 percent of the state’s population resides ($500,000)…

District 5 Debate Video Now Online

Once again I’d like to thank David Corrigan for helping out the Big Island community.

The Debate video is now online.

Upcoming Pilago Events

Sign Waving Schedule:
If your area is not here or you think its not enough, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Call Shannon 322-6604 for information and
to get signs and t-shirts and coordinate sign waving group

FRIDAY 19th:

  • Kailua, below Borders, 3:30-5:30
  • Kailua, top of Hina Lani, 3:00-5:30 – Park on Ona Ona St.
  • Hawi,   3:00, middle of town
  • Honaunau, 3:30-5:00

MON. through FRI.
Honaunau, Post Office and Highway, 3:30 – 5:00

SATURDAY-SEPT. 20th…PLEASE GO TO (any) POLLING PLACE WITH A SIGN! (stay 200 ft. away from perimeter of parking)

Pilago is now requesting that no sign waving is done on Saturday… So GET OUT AND VOTE if you haven’t already.

(or practice random acts of sign waving in your area!!!)