Bon Jour France From Pahoa

When your a WordPress blogger, you get reports about your blog.

I knew there were a lot of local people reading my blog, but I find it curious that I have a reader from France that is converting my blog into French for reading.

So Bon Jour to my reader from France.  I hope you find this interesting.

Youtube Pulling Videos vs. Local Folks Pulling Them

I understand the copyright laws that required the youtube folks to pull down my recent KO video of last nights fight.  UFC owns the footage and people tried to avoid that copyright…including myself, by adding that recent video.

I still wonder who enforced the recent take down of the other youtube videos I wrote about regarding the Pahoa School Fights that were happening.  I can only assume the fights are still happening w/out the videos for some reason.

Is there a law on the books that states that kids can’t report what they see at their public schools?

If “punaboi” is facing repercussions for posting his videos on youtube…. I sure would like to know about it.

My address is posted on this site…so if you are reading this, Punaboi, feel free to contact me.

I’d like to hear your side of the story.

BUMP – TMT Poll, Qmark Questions and the Superferry (A Darker View?)

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I find it curious that the same polling company, Qmark is repetitively receiving what I can only guess as lucrative contracts for certain companies and their polls that always seem to favor them.

The recent poll about the Thirty Meter Telescope project in todays Tribune names the polling company that the TMT project used to Poll people and come out with the percentages they did today…although the Poll was conducted back in March through April.  (I myself didn’t even know about the proposed TMT Project in April of last year.)

The tribune reports:

…The independent polling firm was hired by Ku’iwalu, a consultant that is preparing the Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan….

So then we look at the addresses of Ku’iwalu and Qmark and I find it funny that they are both in the same building.

Qmark Research

1003 Bishop Street
Pauahi Tower, 9th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96813-6429
Phone: (808) 524-5194

Pauahi Tower, 27th Floor
1003 Bishop Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: (808) 539-3580 • Fax (808) 539-3581

Then… I look a little further into some of the clientele of this company…. I see that the Superferry also used this company to conduct polls for them.

….Hawaii Superferry recently commissioned QMark Research to conduct a quantitative study in the form of in-person passenger intercept surveys onboard the Alakai from June 20, 2008 through July 29, 2008…

From the Kuiwalu website:

Ku‘iwalu is a consulting company that specializes in building community support for economic development projects in Hawaii.

I know there is a link somewhere that I’m missing and I’m sure someone reading my blog can pick up on this.

Coincidentally, the poll that I’m still running has it 83% in favor 11% against and 6% undecided.


I noticed that Andrew Cooper has followed up on this poll that was recently conducted.  I wish I was better at investigating things.

Walk-In Voting Begins Tomorrow

Just wanted to remind everyone that Walk-in voting begins tomorrow and runs until the 18th.

Big Island

Open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

» Elections Division – Hilo Iron Works Building, 1266 Kamehameha Ave., No. A-1

» Kona Elections Satellite Office – Alii Plaza Building, 75-143 Hualalai Road, No. 103

Open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and until 4 p.m. on Fridays.

» Waimea Community Center – 65-1260 Kawaihae Road, Kamuela

Open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Closed noon to 1 p.m.)

» Pahala Community Center – 96-1149 Kamani St.

» North Kohala District Courthouse – 54-3900 Akoni Pule Highway

Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

» Pahoa Elections Satellite Office – 15-2660 Pahoa Village Road, No. 104 (near Pahoa Market Place)

Courtesy of the Starbulletin

Yuen on The Concept of Creating a Commercial Core: Kona 1 Rest of the Island ??

I don’t know how I missed this earlier today:

…On a community level, Silbanuz said the Health Department is working with county planning departments, developers and others to create new neighborhoods and retrofit older ones with “complete streets” that can accommodate cars, bicyclists, pedestrians and the disabled.

The Healthy Hawai’i Initiative arranged for an expert in “walkable communities” to conduct workshops with Hawai’i County’s planning and public works departments to take a closer look at community design that engineers physical activity back into residents’ lives…

…The concept of creating a commercial core and other features to make it easier for residents to walk around in their communities probably won’t work in the county’s rural, low-density subdivisions, but Yuen said it’s being encouraged for new development in Kona….

Anyone want to try and make something out of this?

Here we are in Puna, one of the fastest growing communities in the State, PROVEN, and yet Yuen believes Kona should have it… yet it won’t work in the other parts of the island?

Today’s KO From Last Nights UFC 88 Rashad Evans Vs. Chuck Liddel


2008 Aotearoa Film Festival Features Hawaiian Film Na Ono O Ka Aina (Delicacies of the Land)

My Mother and Father-in-Law recently spent the last two weeks as part of a small Hawaii Delegation for the 2008 Aotearoa Film Festival down in New Zealand.

The film Na Ono O Ka Aina (Delicacies of the Land), a production of Na Maka o ka Aina was featured there and my father-in-law was in it.  The video will be screening locally here in Hawaii soon enough.

In 2006, Na Maka O Ka Aina also produced the excellent video called Islands at Risk: Genetic Engineering in Hawaii:


Thursday morning KGMB featured a story on Na Maka o Ka Aina and the GMO Controversy.

Future of Hawaii Renewable Engergy Projects Uncertain

I’ll just bump you over to this very important Advertiser article.

“Project Better Place” Coming to Hawaii?

I wrote about the Plug-In cars that are coming to Hawaii from Idaho National Laboratories the other day.

Project Better Place sounds like something similar, and is currently in negotiations with the State to try and get it’s electric cars here in the islands.

With the automobile industry lobby, and US driving habits keeping doors to the US still firmly shut, cars running on alternative fuel sources are now looking for a backdoor entrance to that market. Among those currently looking for such on such an entrance is Project Better Place which is now in advanced negotiations with the state government of Hawaii on the adoption of its electric car and battery charging infrastructure.

This video talks more about Project Better Place.


More here.