SMS Research Out of Honolulu Conducting Big Island Mayoral Polls

I just got a call from “Annette” from SMS Research in Honolulu.  Apparently they are doing a poll of Big Island residents and whom you would vote for Mayor.

I gave her the full on “Damon Tucker” investigation…. Asking who this poll is being paid by…etc.

“Annette” just mentioned she is a phone worker for the SMS Research Company.

Interesting last question….

Are you or have you ever been affilitated with a union?

I don’t know where they are going with this survey… but I guess it will be public information soon enough.

Palin Spokesperson Confirms She Went to UH HILO

Yesterday I wrote about VP Candidate Sarah Palin attending UH Hilo.

It has been confirmed.

…In an e-mailed message today, Palin’s spokeswoman Maria Comella confirmed Palin attended four colleges, including the two in Hawai’i and two in Idaho, but did not include the fifth school that the biography lists, Matanuska-Susitna College in Palmer, Alaska….

Hawaii to Participate in Study on “Plug-In” Cars from the Idaho National Laboratory

Hawaii is going to be one of the pilot states for these “Plug-In” cars.

Hybrid Converted to Plug-In

Hybrid Converted to Plug-In

…The work is being done as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity program, which is placing plug-in cars in a variety of cities around the nation and gathering information from them…

…By the end of the year, the Energy Department plans to have 140 plug-ins for the INL to analyze, including cars in California, Arizona, Hawaii and New York….

INL analysts will track electricity use, average and top speeds, miles per charge, and how long it takes to recharge the cars.  Stricker said it’s unclear how long the study will last…

I’ve just written an Email to them asking to be one of the recipients;)

For a more detailed report you can check out the Press Release from the INL here.

Pahoa High Fight Videos Pulled from Youtube

Last week, I wrote about Pahoa High School fights being posted on Youtube.

I’m happy to see “Punaboi” has removed those videos.  He had some of those videos posted for awhile.

I wonder if he voluntarily took them down… or if school officials demanded that he did?

It would be an interesting legal case if a school made a student take down his videos from Youtube.

And once again… I didn’t condone them… nor do I recommend anyother kids posting them.

Today’s KO

When the little guy is getting picked on…what’s he to do?


2008 Slack Key Guitar Festival Footage Now Online

Just noticed that Big Island Video News has posted coverage of the 2008 Slack Key Guitar Festival.

Mahalo to David for once again providing footage that we wouldn’t get to see elsewhere.

One Week Left for Priceline Guarantee on Sunshine in Hilo

I mentioned about the Guaranteed Sunshine in Hilo or your money back on Priceline a while back, and the Priceline GM actually responded as to whether it was available in Hilo or not…and it turned out that it was available in Hilo.

I’ve now learned that there is only one week left to book a trip with this guarantee.

Packages must be booked by September 12th!