Giraffes Soon To Rip Up Shipman Lands

Ok…sorry for the misleading headline.

As an assitant coach to my son’s soccer team… we decided to let the kids decide on their team name…

Well we are now the Giraffes by popular demand.

I’ll do anything to keep these kids happy and if Giraffes is the name they want for their team…then the “GIRAFFES” we are.

Kids… you gotta love em…. we did offer them other choices…. Tigers, Dogs and Peacocks were the other options….

So all you AYSO parents out there…. look out for the mighty mighty Giraffes!

Just playing parents… it is all about having fun with the kids…. If they wanna be the giraffes…then we decided that would be the team!  Let the kids decide people… because it is all about the kids….

I have to admit… me and the head coach had a laugh that we are now coaching the “Mighty Giraffes”.

It’s all about the kids…that’s all that matters.

The relationship to Shipman… well geez… that’s where my giraffes practice and play at, is Shipman field in Keaau.

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  1. How about the tall Giraffes.

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