A Kenoi “Violation” Letter Sent to Me… People, I’m Not the Media!

Geez, I wonder how I get wrapped up into things… i get maybe 400-500 people visiting my blog a day… this is a very small percentage of people that live here.

A reader of local blogs and newspapers sent out an email to those that would listen…

I listen to anything and print almost anything.

I hope this isn’t some smear attempt however, Kay, did provide her email and contact as well as photos of what she is talking about.


I am a citizen of Hawaii County, and I was very disturbed to see Hawaii Mayoral Candidate Billy Kenoi sign waving while parked illegally.  In the area that he was parked, I counted about 10 no parking signs.  I’ve been following all the local media on his recent issues, and although I am a bit skeptic of some of the information I read, I cannot discount his past brushes with the law.  What bothers me, is that my cousin received an $80 ticket during mother’s day weekend for parking and selling flowers at the same spot that Billy Kenoi was parked.  It is obvious that it is against law to park in that area due to the number of signs in that area, but yet Billy Kenoi seems to not care about it.  I stopped to take a few pictures today, and the most disturbing part is that a Hawaii Police Officer drove by and did nothing but wave to him.  The photos are attached in case you have any use for this.  I feel that every citizen of this county should have equal rights, even if they may be the next mayor of the Big Island.  I am hesitant to vote for someone who has no regard for our laws.  Thank you for your time, Kay.

She sent along 3 pictures…. I’m only going to try and link this one.

My reply… is lady… if your worried so much about parking and campaign violations that you stop and take pictures of this event… You need to move on.

I see campaign violations all the time… but emailing me… a peddly dude that just started blogging about your complaints isn’t gonna go far.

When will readers of my blog realize that sending me their complaints about something isn’t going to solve anything?

I wish you the best blog reader Kay… but please remember… I’m just a damn dude that is trying to learn how to blog without pissing everyone off all of the time.

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  1. hey, so what you guys are just going to pick on Billy? What about all the other candiates when they wave signs illegly they dont get published in the paper. I think that it is very rude to just pick on one candiate. And i would like to know who is taking down Mr. KENOI’S campaign signs that cost a lot of money.

    Damon – It appears stealing signs has become a norm here on the big island… If anyone can verify any proof of someone defacing or stealing signs… feel free to let me know.

  2. Well, Damon you are a part of the media. And I love your blog.

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