Wow… Has it Been a Month?

I just realized that today makes one month of blogging.

I’d like to give thanks to everyone that obviously keeps coming back to this site….

As well as those listed on my Blogroll who’ve linked me.

I was in a place here locally to buy something, they asked to see my ID along with my Credit Card…. The cashier said… “Hey… are you the guy that writes that blog thingy….”  I sat there for a second kind of stunned…. then I said… “Do you know any other Damon Tuckers?”

Thanks Greta…. That made my day.

You Think Our Roads Are Bad? Try Getting “LOST”

Ok… So we all know Hurley from “LOST”, well in real life, Jorge Garcia, is quite a funny guy.

I’m filing this post under Television and Highway 130, because we should all be fortunate that we don’t have roads like this that he recently visited in Ireland.

Find Your Candidates Websites Quick and Easy

I just noticed that Doug over at Poinography has found a great tool for finding your candidates website.

It’s based on the office of elections website.

You simply type in your name and date of birth, it queries it’s database and then spits out the candidates websites and a map to your polling site.

Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Check it out here.

What the Advertiser Can’t Give You: A Geek Rap That is Just Hilarious!

They just had a breaking story about this video that is pretty hilarious… however, all they did was write about it.  I’ve always felt a video is worth a thousand words;)

So just for you… my loyal viewers…. I bring you the Large Hadron Rap:


Keck Scientist Featured in The New York Times

Andrew Cooper works up atop the Mountain and he might know Dr. Heidi Hammel.

She was featured today in The New York Times Science Section on an article entitled:

A Conversation With Heidi Hammel An Astronomer Devoted to the Icy and Far Away

…My work often involves analyzing images of the planets taken by Hubble or made at Earth-based telescopes like the Keck in Hawaii…
She was also featured in Newsweek last year.

Today’s KO

Down by 1 with 3 seconds to go…. what do you do:

Raiders Sign Ashley Lelie

I hate the Raiders… but now I might have to start watching them.

Former UH Star Ashley Lelie signed a one year contract with them today.

Latest Shark Victim is My Neighbor: RIP Kameron

My wife just informed me that this latest shark attack is our neighbor.

RIP Kameron Brown

Happy Labor Day – Remembering the Hilo Massacre: Bloody Monday

Happy Labor Day everyone – While Bloody Monday didn’t happen on “Labor Day” the events that lead to it were because of the labor conditions on the island.

The following is cut and pasted from the Hawaiian Historical Society Website:

Hilo’s “Bloody Monday”

“Bloody Monday” took place in a unique community that over the years has valued harmony. There are differences of opinion and feuds, but generally people in Hilo, with tsunamis and volcanic eruptions to worry about, get along with each other. “Bloody Monday,” also called the “Hilo Massacre,” temporarily broke that harmony.

In 1938, during the height of the Great Depression, labor discontent escalated over low pay and poor working conditions. The Hilo Longshoremen’s Association struck against the Inter-Island Steamship Navigation Co. On July 22, when Inter-Island sent the Waialeale from Honolulu to Hilo with passengers and cargo, some 250 strikers, supporters, and family members marched down Kuhio Road and peaceably sat down at the wharf.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Department had been armed with riot guns with fixed bayonets. Seeing the crowd, the police panicked and lobbed a tear gas canister into the gathering. In the ensuing melee the police gassed, hosed, shot, and bayoneted fifty-one of their fellow citizens. Newspaper photos showed the crowd fleeing from the police and even leaping into the water from the pier. Fortunately, there were no deaths. But the violence shocked people on both sides of the issue, many of whom were related to each other.

The strike was soon settled. The event to this day is vividly recalled, and its fiftieth anniversary was noted by a television documentary and the unveiling of a monument at the Hilo dock.