Priceline Manager Responds to Hilo Offer

The other day I wrote about the Priceline offer of a refund on your trip because of rain.

I got an email from the Priceline Manager stating the following:

Hello Damon,

Yes, we are reading your blog here on the mainland.  And thank you for the Priceline mention.

Thought you might be interested to know that we have already given out hundreds of refunds for our Sunshine Guaranteed packages – but none so far in Hawaii.  I’ve attached the link so you can see some of the refund locations and amounts.  (The link is broken up, so you may have to cut and paste).

As far as this promotion being a bad idea, all I can say is it got your attention .

Best of luck.  Great blog.

Brian Ek
General Manager, PriceBreakers

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