First Day of Soccer Practice

I signed my son up to play soccer and I added my name to the Assistant Coaches pool.

Today was our first practice at Shipman Field.

I came back along H-130 about 6:30 and the Bottle neck near Keaau High School was unbelievable.

I’m glad I don’t normally have to be on H-130 during the rush hour.

I wish I would have had the camera that the State issued to me to take a picture of the mess.

I think we have a great coach who is very enthusiastic and I can’t wait for my son to develop more skills in playing soccer as well as more importantly learning more social skills.

First game is in 3 weeks.

Assignment now… try to get the kids to agree upon a team name.

I hope AYSO doesn’t assign our team a ridiculous color like Bright Orange!  Or even something worse like Pink!  They wouldn’t do that to a boy’s team now would they? ;)

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  1. Good luck to the lad’s team.
    While an athlete-NOT myself, the two sons did soccer (and one running) for years and provided their old pop with lots of fun going along and cheering them.
    Rules: always play to win; always be a good sport, win or lose; and never, ever complain about the referee’s calls.

    Damon – Thanks Dr. W… Got anything for sore muscles?

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