First Day of Soccer Practice

I signed my son up to play soccer and I added my name to the Assistant Coaches pool.

Today was our first practice at Shipman Field.

I came back along H-130 about 6:30 and the Bottle neck near Keaau High School was unbelievable.

I’m glad I don’t normally have to be on H-130 during the rush hour.

I wish I would have had the camera that the State issued to me to take a picture of the mess.

I think we have a great coach who is very enthusiastic and I can’t wait for my son to develop more skills in playing soccer as well as more importantly learning more social skills.

First game is in 3 weeks.

Assignment now… try to get the kids to agree upon a team name.

I hope AYSO doesn’t assign our team a ridiculous color like Bright Orange!  Or even something worse like Pink!  They wouldn’t do that to a boy’s team now would they? ;)

Close Call at Makena Yesterday

This tourist is very lucky that someone was watching after him:


2003 Womens Winner of Kona Ironman (In Her Age Group) – Dies From Bike Injuries

Barbara Warren, winner of the 2003 Kona Ironman and competitor 13 times died yesterday in a bike accident:

Barbara Warren, one of San Diego’s most accomplished endurance athletes, died Tuesday night in a Santa Barbara hospital after being paralyzed in a bike accident. She was 65.

Warren was competing in the Santa Barbara Triathlon last Saturday when she crashed during the 34-mile bike portion of the event. There were no details of how the accident occurred….

More Here

Today’s KO

Want to ref a game…. think twice:


Punahou Football Ranked 36th in the Nation, and Obama Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With It

Punahou’s football team has been pre-season ranked 36th in the nation according to the “Rivals” site which is pretty reliable.

I’m actually surprised that they are ranked so high.

One player alone probably puts them up there:

Manti Te’o can go into any college in the nation and probably start as a Freshmen.  Look for him in the future to be the next great NFL player from Hawaii.

Manti Te'o at the Camp

Manti Te'o

Junk Should be Here Now

According to their Blog:

…JUNK will be pulling into the Ala Wai Fuel Dock at around 10:00 am, Wednesday the 27th,….

I wonder what type of local media will be covering the arrival?

KPAG Acronym FYI

You may here me and others using the acronym KPAG now and then in the next few years.

This acronym stands for:

Kea’au-Pahoa Advisory Group

Is the Hawaii Advisory Board for H-130 Just a Pawn for the State?

I received an email this morning that stated the following:

….The history of DOT taking community input is one of frustration.  They
are required to take input by the courts… they are not required to
listen to it
So there is potential for the panel members to be fodder
for someone’s grant fulfillment project

I hope those of us sitting on this task force will stand up to the State for the benefit of Puna’s future and not the States future.

Did anyone notice how many times the “State People” mentioned that “you all are such an easy group to work with?”  Is this because we just sat on our hands and let them push us around?

Did anyone notice that they aren’t even taking public testimony for a few more months?

I would think public testimony on this project would happen at the beginning?

Hawaii ID Leads to Arrest of Democratic National Convention Protestor

A Boulder man says he was arrested in Denver on Monday for walking down the 16th Street Mall waving a black flag — and because Denver police didn’t believe his Hawaiian state identification was real….

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