Plastic Bags and Pakalolo: Final Results

I’m taking down the Plastic Bag Poll as well as the Pakalolo Poll from the Unofficial Poll at the top of this site since both polls have closed. Results can be seen below.

I’ll leave them up here if anyone wants to reflect back on them.

[polldaddy poll=”852692″]

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What Should the Candidates be Focusing On: The Poll

You can vote for more then one choice as well as write in an answer.

Edit… moving this over to the Unofficial polls part of my site.

Junk Announces Arrival Time

The Junk has announced it’s arrival time:

JUNK will be pulling into the Ala Wai Fuel Dock at around 10:00 am, Wednesday the 27th, to what we hope will be a wonderful welcoming. All are invited! Give a call Tuesday if you want more exact arrival times: 310-998-8616

Man and I used to live right around the corner from there. ;)

I wish Andrew could somehow get a picture of the Junk from the top of Mauna Kea.

Marzi Clarifies Pakalolo Issue

Yesterday in my blog about the Kalapana Forum

I stated:

….Marzi was surprising well informed of the recent Pakalolo Bill before State Legislatures and is for decriminalizing Pakalolo….

Anthony sent me an email and I wanted to make sure that he was not unjustly quoted.

This is his clarification:

…I just want to put forward a clarification
regarding the pakalolo issue. I spoke about the medical marijuana
taskforce bill(hb 2675) and a strategy to get it through next session
as well as my opposition to property seizure. I was not advocating the
wholesale legalization of marijuana…..

Sorry about the misquote Mr. Marzi.

Hilo Felon Burglar Picked Up in New York and is Being Held

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – A man stopped by police for a routine driver’s license check in upstate New York is behind bars on the suspicion that he is wanted on a warrant in his native Hawaii.

David Gibson, of Hilo, Hawaii, was taken into custody in Saratoga Springs Saturday night and sent to Saratoga County Jail. Authorities believe he is wanted in connection with felony burglary charges.

Saratoga Police Lt. Michael Chowske says it is not known if Gibson has an attorney.

Gibson is scheduled to appear in Saratoga Springs City Court on Tuesday.

Varroa Mites and Stinging Caterpillars: The Invasion Video’s

Dave Corrigan has posted some new videos on his site.

One is of the recent Varroa Mite invasion on the Big Island and the other is on the Stinging Caterpillar invasion.

I’ve always said a video is worth more then a picture and you know how much a picture is worth.

Family Says Formal Goodbye to Their Daughter Lost at Sea After Leaving Hilo

I was on Oahu when this incident occurred and really didn’t hear anything about the incident until now.

What a sad story.

Christopher Malchow and Courtenay Steele on the Takaroa II

Christopher Malchow and Courtenay Steele on the Takaroa II

…But since Courtenay and her life partner Christopher Malchow have not been heard from since they phoned the family on Sept. 7, 2007, one day before setting out for Victoria from Hilo, Hawaii on their sailboat the Takaroa II, they are presumed to have drowned at sea….

Today’s KO


Looking Back at Past Highway 130 Information

I found the minutes for the September 28, 2006 Advisory Board Meeting. It sure doesn’t seem like much has been done to improve traffic since then.

I appreciate all the people that testified. Hope people will continue to be involved.

Here is the minutes from the Feb. 22, 2007 meeting.

I’m finding all sorts of goodies to pick through here.

Pilago, Joseph, Marzi, Jacobson and Obama

Pilago has a strong lead in my Unofficial Poll, Kenoi is closing the gap. This one will be real interesting to watch when I reset the polls again to see if peoples opinions have changed.

Joseph leads by a slim margin as him and Gumapac have been going back and forth for the last few days.

Marzi remains atop, and the Whiz Kid with the internet knowledge probably has a lot of friends online compared to Incumbent Hanohano.

Jacobson remains in the lead, but Enriques is closing the gap.

I’ll let you look at a different outdated poll to see how Obama was doing Statewide.

Dicus Goes Into Gas Detail on Big Island

Howard Dicus’s blog today mentions why the news hardly ever reports the Kona prices of gas, yet the news reports the Hilo price of gas despite the fact that price between the two places are different.

Leslie Lang “…I don’t know how you do it….”

I’ve linked Leslie Lang’s blog to my site from the very first day I started my blog.

I emailed her complimenting her on her online work here on the Big Island and she sent me a nice quote that coming from a paid journalist…makes me feel pretty damn good.

I don’t know how you do it

That is one question I have been asked over and over. I have to give credit to a strong wife that works hard while I find employment here on the Big Island, as well as a strong family support system that takes care of Ohana when times are down.

I left a job with the Department of Education on Oahu to come home and be with my Ohana. Saved up enough money to hold me over for a little awhile and have been begging my mom for tidbits here and there.

To me… it’s more important to be with Ohana then to live a big city lifestyle.

It sucks to be unemployed now…. but I’ll find a job and have leads that hopefully will pan out down the road. I thought I’d be working again with the DOE again by now…but the money is tight and I haven’t been called back to work in a different position yet.

Until then…. I’ll just keep blogging away and enjoying my time catching up with my son who I spent almost 3 years away from besides visits.

Mayoral Forum Tomorrow in Ocean View

I just saw on Angel Pilago’s website, that there was a Mayoral Forum in Ocean View tomorrow.

I’m not able to make it, but if anyone can let me in on anything that is said… I’d be more then happy to post your comments here.

Community Association Mayoral Forum. Ocean View Community Center 6 pm.

No information on which candidates will be there, but I would assume Angel would be there if it’s on his website.