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Notes From Candidates Forum in Kalapana

District 5 race:

Present: Gumapac, Joseph, and Stocksdale

Absent: Naeole and Safarik

Mayoral Race:

Present: Pilago, Moore, and Barrozo showed up 2 hours into it. Interesting to note that Kenoi didn’t make it despite the fact that he grew up literally down the street from the place.

District 4 House race:

All candidates showed up


General thoughts:

It was it was a good forum. I know I won’t be voting for Jasper Moore.

Fred Blas was handing out candy bars with his name on it.

Stocksdale said she was hot and therefore uncomfortable.

Marzi was surprising well informed of the recent Pakalolo Bill before State Legislatures and is for decriminalizing Pakalolo. *Update – see note on bottom of page

Gumapac and Pilago: Against Thirty Meter Telescope Project

Joseph: For Thirty Meter Telescope Project

Most others had no comment on the project.

John Olsen moderated the forum and did an excellent job, although I wish candidates would have been limited to a certain time limit on their replies.

I left at about 5:20 (20 minutes past the expected ending time) and the questions were still being asked.

I noticed Hunter was taking notes and also had his tape recorder.

Expect a more formal report from Hunter.

Blonde Moment of the Night: Stocksdale “What is Puna Buddah” (Pakalolo) AFTER SHE ANSWERED A QUESTION ABOUT IT!

I did learn that Representative Hanohano is on the same Highway Advisory Panel that I’m on and she did mention Tuesday’s meeting.

*edit* Update:

Anthony sent me an email and I wanted to make sure that he was not unjustly quoted.

This is his clarification:

…I just want to put forward a clarification
regarding the pakalolo issue. I spoke about the medical marijuana
taskforce bill(hb 2675) and a strategy to get it through next session
as well as my opposition to property seizure. I was not advocating the
wholesale legalization of marijuana…..

Sorry about the misquote Mr. Marzi.

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