Masilamoney and Barrozo Head to Head…. Kenoi Making a Commotion

Just noticed that Masilamoney and Barrozo are running dead last in my Unofficial Polls.

I also noticed that Pilago’s high poll percentage has dropped in recent days, obviously from the recent rise in Kenoi votes. This could be an interesting race here on these unofficial polls after all.

My blog is less then a month old and as more people find my blog…. I would think the polls will continue to change.

About a week before the actual primary… I’ve decided that I’ll run another poll to give everyone a chance to re-vote in case their candidate of choice has changed.

Mr. Barrozo… I appreciate you running…. but after showing up 2 hours late at tonights forum….and then introducing yourself and saying you don’t know what to say…. I would say it’s honestly time to bow out.

No hard feelings…. if you ever read this though.

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