Candidate Stocksdale Response to Highway 130 Question

For me it’s a no brainer, increase the bus fleet and the frequency of the bus schedule. Promote safe and secured park and rides, whether it be in the private subdivisions and other areas that make sense. Then lobby the Governors Office and the state highways divisions (everyday if need be) to widen Hwy 130. Further more, until this can be done I would encourage car pooling and partnership with the state and the county to have police officers (at peak travel times) at the various outlets/inlets to kokua/ provide safe traffic control for our citizens as they drive out of Puna Makai.I would also partner with our State Representative to lobby the state to put a traffic light at the intersection of Orchid land, Pohaku and Shower and Kaloli. When elected I will pledge some of my discretionary funds to this cause. I believe there’s been several deaths at these intersections. How many more deaths do we have to endure before we get these traffic lights?

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