Advertisers Paid Bloggers to Go On Strike Tomorrow

Hat tip to Larry Geller over at the Disappeared News for sending me over to Honolulu Advertiser staff Rich Figels Blog today where he mentions:

…The Advertiser blog strike is supposed to start Monday, Aug. 25, so after Sunday I don’t know when (or if) I’ll be back. One issue is staff writers want to be compensated for extra work, such as blogging, Fair enough. But shouldn’t freelance bloggers be paid for our contributions as well? Content is content, and the Advertiser should pay writers who provide it….

Don’t worry folks… I’m not getting paid to write the stuff I do. If I were…. I would be broke.

Well I am broke…. so maybe I’m just not getting paid enough.

Anyone wanna send a braddah a dallah?

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