Bees on the Big Island… the Varroa Mite Invades

The Tribune Herald has announced that the Varroa Mite has invaded the Big Island.

Aaron Stene makes an astute observation that people might want to blame this on the Superferry.

I always thought a small bee could be caught up in the winds and end up here on the Big Island.

We have a real problem here folks in the fact that the Big Island provides many queen bees to the mainland….

….Hawaii-bred queens are in high demand, not only because they are mite free, but because they can be bred earlier in the year due to Hawaii’s warm climes….

Without Bees, we lose a lot of the agriculture nationwide.

….The average lifespan of a queen bee is two to three years, though she can live up to five or more, and produce 800,000 eggs during her lifetime….

The Varroa Mite

The Varroa Mite

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