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US Womens Soccer Win Gold in a Thriller… Kai Celebrates

Local girl Natasha Kai pulled a Mia Hamm Brandi Chastain today in the Olympics!

Mia Brandi, as you may remember, pulled off her shirt and caused a bit of controversy a few years back.

Mia Hamm Celebrates by Taking Her Shirt Off

Brandi Chastain Celebrates by Taking Her Shirt Off

Well Today, Natasha Kai did the same thing. Hope there aren’t any repercussions against her and I hope we as a society have gotten over such issues.

Natasha Kai Celebrates After the US Women Win Gold

Natasha Kai Celebrates After the US Women Win Gold

4 Responses

  1. guys don’t mind women taking their shirts off….trust me its only other women!

  2. i think we girls should be able to take our shirts off to celebrate a winning goal or any goal for that matter. guys can do it. why cant we. and i hate that stupid rule about getting yellow carded after that….

  3. this is a prime example of strong independent women and today’s society still isn’t completely able to handle this that is why most women are prosecuted for things they did.

  4. That’s not Mia Hamm in the top picture; the soccer player in the top picture is Brandi Chastain.

    Damon – Oops… Thanks for catching that. I guess it goes to show how few people read my blog.

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