Kona Kampachi Raises Issues With Mainland Environmentalist

Just noticed that Kona Kampachi is receiving a bit of flack for a few of it’s environmental issues.

It was interesting listening to Gumapac talking about Farmed Fish at the forum the other night.

A Kona Kampachi Cage

A Kona Kampachi Cage

….Transporting what we eat accounts for 80 percent of the U.S. food system’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to scientific studies, and the average American’s eating habits account for 2.8 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, compared with the 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide the same person generates by driving…..

….Kona Blue Water Farms President Neil Sims, whose Hawaii-based company farm raises a yellowtail it has dubbed ”Kona kampachi,” sells to high-end restaurants in cities including Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas. Those places pay for Kona Blue to ship its product by air….

….’‘We’ve encountered low-level resistance because fresh sells, particularly in seafood,” Sims said. ‘Restaurants are not opposed to frozen fish. They are just more willing to pay a premium for fresh. `Fresh’ is the single most powerful adjective in describing seafood.”

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