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Bishop 1…. Grabel Believable?… Kenoi Story Continued

Yesterday, Hunter Bishops blog mentions a phone call that Bishop and alleged assault victim Joshua Grabel had. (Grabel is serving overseas in Germany right now)

Bishop reports:

…”Grabel said he, his wife and at least two of his friends made statements to police that night but were never called again regarding the incident. Grabel could only tell me the full name of one, however, a Big Island firefighter who he didn’t know how to contact. When I found the firefighter and talked to him on Sunday, he denied being a witness to the events in the bar….

A response by Joshua Grabel in his comments that I read this morning:

“….I stopped believing in imaginary friends when I was 6. So please spare me…..”

I myself would have to say I tend to believe Bishop’s reporting of the phone call as well as what he reported about the fireman not being a witness to the incident.

I respect all soldiers who are serving our country, however, I do know that they tend to get a bit excitable at times…. and often over exagerate things in the “heat of battle”.

3 Responses

  1. The Akamai Voter site is now using Paul De Silva’s comments above on his website.

    Akamai… give it up… after the elections… what are you going to post about?

    Nice that you give credit to the tribune but you don’t post the link to my blog? Is this because I have discredited you from the beginning?

    Were on to you buddy, and when we do find out who you are… I will be posting your name for all of those to see who this anonymous Akonipule character is.

  2. Perhaps leaving through the back door should be considered along with the security guard’s satement that he could not prevent Mr. Kenoi from leaving before speaking with the police because of his aggresiveness.

    Damon – Now Paul… I think someone with your background would know better then to assume things… especially when we weren’t there. Plenty of people use the back door to go in-out for smoke breaks.

  3. It is said that cross-examination is the “greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth.”

    At 2:30 in the morning among a group of inebriated people, some friends of others, inconsistent statements are to be expected. This almost always happens.

    Consider the sources of the statements, possible biases, the ability of the declarants to perceive, remember and relate, the physical evidence the propensities of the accused and interview all of the important witnesses and if convinced of the guilt of the accused, subject all of them to cross-examination.

    By the way, I question why the charges were dropped against Mr. Kenoi’s friend with the long and serious criminal record who apparently sucker punched the complainant. What did the “new witnesses” say about him, if anything?

    We need a better explanation from the prosecutor. Mr. Kimura has impeccable honesty and is an excellent law enforcement leader, but I doubt that he personally handled the case. That’s what deputies are for.

    One last thought…says Mr. Kenoi, he left because “all hell broke loose.” He doesn’t seem to accept any responsibility for first setting in motion a series of events that had that result. His conduct was a substantial factor in bringing about chaos at Shooters. There’s no doubt about that.

    If he were a mature man, such that is highly desirable for a mayor, he would not have gotten into a silly argument in a rowdy bar at 2:30 A.M. after a night of drinking, becoming so intensely self involved in a heated argument to the extent that head contact was made (intentional or not).

    Mr. Kenoi was the principle event in a course of conduct resulting in a near riot. In my opinion, at this point I believe that he is not ready to be our mayor, and it remains to be seen if he ever will be.

    Now, if he would apologize to the public and come forward with the absolute truth, I’d give it a second thought.


    Damon – I don’t want to back anyone’s story here. I used to live above Shooters when I lived in Hilo. The back door was a common in/out place to go once you had gained entrance to Shooters.

    Anyone can leave out the back door of shooters…. If a commotion is going on in the front, I’d probably leave out the back too.

    This back door departure by Kenoi is being blown out of proportion as many patrons of Shooters go in and out of the “Back Entrance”.

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