Aka ‘Ula School on Molokai to Go Polystyrene-Free January 1st

An eighth grade student at Aka ‘Ula School on Molokai, Olana Chow, issued a proposal to the school’s Board of Trustees to Ban polystyrene in her school.

The board has agreed and the school will now be the first in the State to have this ban.

Polystyrene comes in various forms, but is often used to produce Styrofoam products….

Olana Chow Courtesy of the Molokai Times

Olana Chow courtesy of the Molokai Times

“My main goal was to try to eliminate polystyrene from the island, but you have to take baby steps,” said Chow.

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  1. What a awesome idea! Great job. Good Luck!!! JN.

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