Why is So Much Money Spent from Contingency Relief Funds on Grad Parties?

I’m reading Council Lady Naeole’s spending reports from her contingency relief funds and I come across this on the second page.

Resolution 534-07 21-Feb-08 Liquor Pahoa HS Grad Night $7,000

Do we as tax payers want our council members spending our tax dollars on Liquor, less yet on a High School Graduation?

*update* I’m looking at Higa’s report and his states that he spent $5,000 on Liquor Control between Hilo High and Waiakea High.

I’m wondering if that’s what Naeole’s report should have stated?????? I sure hope so.


Geez at looking at many of the council members reports a lot of them spent cash on Liquor or Liquor control???

Seems rather unfair that only selected schools get this money.

I’d rather see this money spent on something a bit more practical… like air conditioners ;)

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  1. Damon

    Hmmmm. I hope we are perhaps misunderstanding the labeling of the expense. Seems that kind of money could be spent on something(s) a bit more permanent.

    And I won’t jump to any conclusions without doing some due diligence, but I wonder if this item in the same report utilized said funds in our District-
    396-07 7-Nov-07 PA Keaukaha One Youth Development $10,000

    There is another money usage report- Accounting of Council District Allowance Expenses ($15k/fiscal year).

    Thanks for bringing light to the money report- We the People gettin smarters every day.

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