Well it’s now front page headlines in today’s tribune herald.

How interesting that what I wrote about here a few days ago is now being called a “Smear” by Kenoi himself.

Also Interesting that “Akonipule” claims his dog has been poisoned… yet he says he wants to remain anonymous. Why he thinks his dog was poisoned by someone in the Kenoi camp is just a ridiculous claim.

“Akonipule” admits to being friends with the people who were allegedly assaulted by Kenoi at Shooters.

What did I stir up? ;)

Honestly folks… I’m not in on it as someone has asked me.


…”I have never been a political person before,” said “John Akonipule,” who acknowledged that is not his real name. “But I could not just sit by and watch somebody who attacked friends of mine lie about it, run for office and become mayor of Hawaii County…..”

“Akonipule” said that packets were also delivered to Mayor Harry Kim and all council members, including mayoral candidates Angel Pilago and Stacy Higa. He added that state Sen. Lorraine Inouye, the candidate closest to Kenoi in the polls, was sent an e-mail with a link to the Web site.

Interesting that he would mail them to Kenoi’s opponents ;)

Also interesting that my blog has taken off on hits ever since I posted the initial write up;)

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