Akamaivoter Wants Hunters Attention

Ok so we all know that this akamaivoter website is run by an anonymous dude… but now he is posting crap on there directed personally at a friend.

I’ll just put the website out there… I don’t think anything is worth posting on my blog, but it shows you the personality behind the akamaivoter website.

If this lowlife would ever come out of the closet and at least explain who he is and why he has brought this website out of nowhere, he might have a little more credibility.

And something that just caught my eye on this site:

…Akamaivoters.com maybe changing shortly to akamaipeoplehavetherighttoknow.com…

The sites not registerd yet… I wonder what anonymous person will be registering this one.   I also wonder if they are changing names to get the Desha Street Address off the registry as well as the phone number that a person can contact akamai at?

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