JAL Announces User Prefered Routes (UPR) From Japan to Kona

I just noticed that JAL has started a trial of UPR from Japan to Kona.

From August 11 2008, the JAL Group starts trials of User Preferred Route (UPR) for flights between Japan and Hawaii. If adopted on Hawaii routes, this flight path planning system will enable the airline group to reduce both its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, helping to reduce its fuel bill as well as its environmental footprint…..

…The airline group will start trials of UPR for scheduled flights serving on 4 routes between Japan and Hawaii: Narita – Honolulu, Narita – Kona, Osaka – Honolulu, and Nagoya -Honolulu. UPR will also be trialed on any extra scheduled flights operated during peak holiday periods, and on charter flights operated between Japan and Hawaii. In total, the JAL Group operates approximately 4700 one-way flights per year on these routes.

If User Preferred Route were used on all of its flights operating between Japan and Hawaii, the JAL Group has estimated that it could potentially reduce its fuel consumption by about 3.4 million lbs (1.93 million liters, 9600 oil drums), resulting in a CO2 emissions reduction of 4,700 tons and a reduction in fuel costs of 180 million yen per year.

This can only be good news for Kona residents that recently saw the tourism drop with the Cruise Lines leaving.

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