Hawaii Resident Found in Contempt on “National” Dog Napping Case

I wrote about this on one of my older blogs when it happened.

The women has now been found in Contempt

A judge yesterday declared a Hawaii woman in contempt of court for trying to abscond with a dog at the center of a family ownership squabble…..

….In March, police arrested Margareta Doughty, 61, of Ocean View, Hawaii, for violating a court order over ownership by not returning Dux to the couple…..

…Margareta Doughty will have to pay at least $12,000, an amount that has been spent on the contempt portion of the case – preparing for the trial and communication to Hawaii….

….We need to enforce the judgment in Hawaii,” Black said of future action. “This is a very expensive golden retriever”…..

….Margareta, a breeder, sued her son and daughter-in-law in November 2006 over breeding and ownership rights of Dux, whom they jointly owned…..

For the rest of todays story, click here.

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