Marriott Officals Lies About Air Capacity to Hawaii

In the following article, Marriott Hotel President Ed Fuller talks about how his hotels here in Hawaii and throughout the world are doing great. What a bunch of crap the following statements he made are. I understand it’s his job to fill the rooms, but geez…. has he been to any of his Marriott Properties in Hawaii recently?

….Fuller and other Marriott international division lodging executives want agents to know that there is as much air lift capacity this year from the mainland to Hawaii as there was two years ago and that lack of air seats is a misperception that is constraining the market.

“There is no shortage of air in Hawaii,” noted Ed Hubennette, area vice president, North Asia, Hawaii and South Pacific…

“is not the most expensive destination,” the perception in the marketplace notwithstanding. Rather, he said Hawaii is affordable (prices are the same as in 2007)…

…..Hawaii is down but that is partly the result of tight room inventory because of renovation and construction….

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