Just a Personal Note on Lorraine Inouye

I have yet to decide my vote on anyone for mayor. I’m thinking of pulling Pilago, I just don’t know.

However, I know that Lorraine Inouye is a great person personally.

When my mom was having heart surgery up on Oahu a few years ago, my mom forgot her address planner at her house about 8 miles away from the airport.

My mom contacted Lorraine from her hospital bed on Oahu and Lorraine personally went to my mom’s house, out of her way to the airport, and picked up my mom’s address book from her house. She then personally delivered that address book to Queens Hospital and dropped it off with my Uncle… Despite the fact that she had legislative stuff to take care at the capitol that day when she got off the plane.

For this, I will always say…  Mahalo Lorraine.

Moral of this story… is that no matter how tight many people are to many politicians here…. the vote is still wide open. I like Pilago’s views on things, although Lorraine personally did something out of her way for my mother.

Why I express this story here on my blog…

I don’t want anyone in particular to think I’m behind one person or another…. and I’m not here to try and convince anyone to vote my way. It would be nice if everyone got out and voted period.

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