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Big Island Weekly’s Kristine Kubat “Smears” Local Blogger Hunter Bishop

In todays Big Island Weekly, writer Kristine Kubat does no justice to local bloggers by misleading her readers by thinking that Hunter Bishops Personal Blog is some sort of Newspaper.   *Edit* Maybe Mrs. Kubat forgot that Hunter is no longer working for a paper that I know of.

Kubat’s article starts off wrong by saying:

My initial encounter with what timid media folk are dismissing as a smear against Billy Kenoi…

I believe this is incorrect. Can someone please show me someone employed by the “Media” that has mentioned anything about a “smear”?

And then she goes on to say: Bishop’s comments in his editorial???

Can someone please show me this “Editorial”?

He isn’t getting paid to write about his feelings. When will people understand that a personal blog is not the freaking Media people? We have the right to say what the FUCK heck we want.
Kubat on the other hand… well she got paid for that article ;) Go figure….

Anyone like give a braddah a dollar?

2 Responses

  1. Hahaha you guys are so funny! Reading your blogs is like revisiting high school. I love it! FYI a) Technically, the “media” is defined as any form of mass communication and is inclusive of the internet–even blogs. There are different kinds of media, such as corporate, etc. FYI b) i write 600 words a week for gas money and am grateful for that because there are a lot of amazing writers and publishers who don’t get paid. And that, honey, is pathetic. Have fun with your blogs! Chill lava pic BTW.

    Damon – Glad you enjoy my blog…. And A) I too used to write for a little gas money B) Then I got serious and wrote PR’s for the State for a Legislative Session… C) And then I got real and got a real job with DOE for a while and D) most important, I have more fun blogging and not worrying about a supervisor agreeing or disagreeing with my content. And finally Z) I don’t make anyone read my blog…. so if your not a fan of it…. that’s your choice…. This reply is not meant for you Sage… it’s meant for a George dude and an Akonipule dude.

  2. Man, everything is a “smear” to you and Hunter, huh? The fact is that Hunter got it wrong when he posted that Kenoi hadn’t been charged. Does that fact that you’re posting for free put you above criticism?

    Damon – Nope, but the fact that I post for free, gives me the ability to pick and choose what I like to write about without pressures from above or outside influences like Stephens Media.

    I enjoy your blog. You, Hunter and Aaron are valuable assets to our community, especially because the paid media are so pathetic. But try dial back the sensitivity about criticism.

    Damon – Mahalo for the compliment. “…try dial back” – yeah right… that will be the day. I’ll be sensitive to a smear when the smearer comes out and at leasts acknowledge what he’s attempting to do. Mind you I’m not a Kenoi supporter, so quit assuming that I’m trying to help Kenoi… I may vote Pilago if someone can’t really impress me.

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