Why The CVS Takeover of Longs Drugs is a GOOD THING!

I think we all have heard the news that CVS out of Rhode island has bought out Longs Drugs.

I think this is a good thing!

We will now be able have an “ONLINE” pharmacy available to those of us in Rural Sections of Hawaii where driving to pharmacies and waiting in line is a Biyatch.

I just looked at CVS Online Policies that they have currently and they look pretty good.

2 Responses

  1. CVS is horrible. The product is all the basic junk you can get anywhere. Longs had unique quality products. They are all gone now. CVS carries major low quality product, junk. CVS is like a large gas station mini mart. I avoid CVS.

  2. I just went into a new CVS once was Longs. It’s AWFUL. Longs spent alot of money upgrading it’s stores. They were nice to shop in. They had fun things. now CVS has installed grey carpet, lowered shelves, removed the fun product. The store feels cramped and unappealing. They lost me as a customer. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

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