Moderating the Comments on This Site Now

I didn’t realize the overwhelming support that I would get with starting a new blog. Of course, with the support, I also get the nay sayers and the people that would like to spread rumors etc.

I decided that I will moderate all comments just as many other bloggers do. I won’t censor them, and I welcome all comments.

I just don’t want my site filled with viagra ads. This is a free public blogging tool and the more people that read my blog… the more stuff that I need to filter…. unless you need a viagra ad popping up here and there.

I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from posting. As soon as I have a chance to approve comments on my blog… I will do so… and trust me… I’ll approve most everything, except for the viagra ads.

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  1. Aloha Damon:

    I laud your forward-thinking approach to bridging the Puna community with the internet community. I am sure that you will find much success in this well-needed endeavour.


    Damon – *cough* wow… thanks… but I wasn’t really trying to bridge a community via the internet. I just felt I needed to make a blog and little did I know where it would lead… and still don’t ;)

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