RIP Duke Sabedong of Hawaii… Who Once Fought Muhammad Ali

Duke Sabedong, a professional boxer from Hawaii, passed away Monday afternoon. He was 78 years old…..

Here is a picture of Duke Fighting Muhammad Ali:

And here is the ending from the actual fight which went 10 rounds:

Funeral services will be handled by Borthwick Hawaii Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Hilo.

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  1. I remember meeting DUKE in Waikiki around 1975. This guy was big. We talked about his fight with CLAY and he offered me some boxing tips.

    Here is my story published in Israel about ALI:

    • Aloha My Name is Jocelyn-Ritt K Sabedong My father was Duke Kolu Sabedong I am the 3 rd oldest of my Papa Dukie’s 9 grandchildren my family and I love to hear Story about Papa Dukie things we can pass down to his now 10 great-grand children if anyone has story they want to share we are always open to talk with people who crossed paths with my grandfather.

  2. Auwe, Kolu! I heard about this so long after you make loa!

  3. Does anyone have the Ali-Duke Sabedong onsite program and poster for sale?

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