Another Mayoral Forum this Thursday!

I just noticed on Kenoi’s website that there is a Mayoral forum in Honoka’a on Thursday, August 14th from 6:30 – 8:30.

I wish there was a way to find out about these forums more ahead of time!

The Plastic Shopping Bag Poll

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RIP Duke Sabedong of Hawaii… Who Once Fought Muhammad Ali

Duke Sabedong, a professional boxer from Hawaii, passed away Monday afternoon. He was 78 years old…..

Here is a picture of Duke Fighting Muhammad Ali:

And here is the ending from the actual fight which went 10 rounds:

Funeral services will be handled by Borthwick Hawaii Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Hilo.

Update on Polls

Thanks to those that have voted in the polls on the right.

This is the amount of people who have responded to each question so far, if you want a better understanding of the percentage break down that the polls show everyone:

Where Does Your Vote Lie for 2008 Big Island Mayor: 29 votes cast so far.

Where Does Your Vote Lie in the 2008 District 5 Council Race: 19 votes cast so far.

Where Does Your Vote Lie for State Representative District 4: 20 votes cast so far.

I’ll show a further break down at the weeks end.

Council Chairman Pete Hoffman Terminates His Executive Assistant… Why?

Both the West Hawaii Today and the Hawaii Tribune Herald, reported that Council Chairman Pete Hoffman terminated his executive assistant Linda Swallow.

Hoffmann said Swallow has since been terminated, but would not cite a reason.

From the article I read, I get the impression it’s because Hoffman may feel that the terroristic threatening charges against Naeole may be uncalled for.

At the bottom of the article it states:

First-degree terroristic threatening is punishable with up to five years imprisonment.

I’d like to be able to say… “and False Accusations should be punishable by the same amount.” ;)

Navy 1 …. Whales 0

The Navy shouldn’t be using sonar at all in the Hawaiian islands.

Tuesday, the Navy agreed to limit use of some sonar systems but not all. :(

….The settlement approved Tuesday by a federal judge in San Francisco restricts the Navy’s use of low-frequency sonar to specific areas near Hawaii and in the western Pacific Ocean….

Geez… So they will stop the low-frequency sonar and allow the High Frequency ones? ;) I don’t know that much about sonar, but I would think higher frequencies would be more damaging. Someone with more knowledge I’m sure will be bound to correct me.

Hawaii Listed as One of Seven States that Grows Weed in National Parks

Well, I think the Feds might be wrong on their numbers.

…Marijuana is being grown illegally on national park land in seven states: California, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, Kentucky, Hawaii and West Virginia, according to the Office of Drug Control Policy….

The thing that caught my attention about this article:

…There was even a log of work hours, with what appeared to track names, dates and times.
…A lot of these people are paid 200 bucks a week,” Hoyt said, thumbing through the drug dealer’s notebook…..

Geez… only $200 bucks a week! I thought drugs were more profitable then that. You could work at McDonalds for more then that!

Hawaii Purchases Anthrax Detection Equipment

Anyone know where to find State Procurement orders online? I’d like to see how much these buggahs are costing us.

…”We are proud to be supplying our test equipment to first responders throughout the nation and to be supplying the State of Hawaii,” said Mr. Jacques Tizabi, UNDT’s Chief Executive Officer……
….This order, however, marks the Company’s first order from a State Government…

Lingle sure does like to get the Dept. of Defense involved in a lot of State issues.

More Information on Tomorrows Mayoral Forum

I received the following email from Valerie Lum, Administrative Assistant, for KIAA, who also mentioned on the phone that there would be a gathering on the Lanai from 5:30 – 6:30:

Mayoral Candidate Forum
Wednesday, August 13, 2008 – 6:30 PM
UHH Performing Arts Center
(200 W. Kawili Street)
Refreshments will be available prior to opening of doors.
FREE but member reservation is necessary for reserved seating.
We welcome questions you want addressed upon your RSVP.
Mayoral Candidates in attendance
Veteran Television Newscaster
Editor of Hawaii Tribune-Herald
Columnist for the Honolulu Advertiser
The “Dean” of Political Journalism in Hawaii
Sponsored by
Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii
Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce
Kanoelehua Industrial Area Association
Hilo Downtown Improvement Association
Hawaii Island Board of Realtors
Hawaii Tribune-Herald
Confirm your reserved seat with your organization
by Monday, August 11, 2008

JCCIH 934-0177 – e-mail: ∎ HICC 935-7178 – e-mail:
KIAA 961-5422 ∎ HIBR 935-0827 – e-mail: ∎ Hilo DIA 935-8850

CBS Developing Updated Hawaii Five-O

CBS is looking to revamp Hawaii Five-0. The new take on the classic show is from Ed Bernero, executive producer of Criminal Minds.

And for those of you that don’t know already…. My wifes Uncle, Gilbert Kauhi, played the role of Zulu on the Original series.

Gilbert Kauhi as Zulu on the Left

Gilbert Kauhi as Zulu on the Left

My wife was 8 months pregnant when we were on the catamaran in Waikiki to spread his ashes off Waikiki. (Some don’t know that he was also a beachboy for many years before he became famous)