Highway 130 Suggestions from the Community *update 8/10*

I’ll be posting comments I hear from time to time about the Highway 130 project here.

+ NO widening — that only creates more traffic.
+ 45MPH From South end of Pahoa Bypass (intersection near school) to North end of Keaau Bypass (Shipman Industrial) .
+ Use the County Helicopter to patrol during busiest times and cite, cite, cite the crazies speeding, passing on the shoulder, tailgating, etc.
+ Major danger to be addressed: people passing in the shoulder lanes, including the alleged ‘6am-8am’ strip where people drive way, way fast and pass on the right side.

James Weatherford, Ph.D.
15-1888 Hialoa
Hawaiian Paradise Park

I think a light is needed at the entrance/exit to Pahoa. Accidents happen frequently and near accidents all the time. Too many drivers seem to have no idea what the rules are at this intersection and cut in front of cars going 55 when they’re supposed to wait.
I am actually for widening. One lane for those who like to put put 20mph under the limit and the other for those who drive the speed limit. Traffic moves much more quickly where it turns into 2 lanes in Keaau. Lower Puna is rapidly growing and more and more people will have to commute to Hilo. It’s crazy that certain spots (where Keaau goes from two lanes to one) create traffic jams that take 20 minutes to go a mile. It’s only going to get worse over time. I think it is crazy for a rural community to have traffic jams worse than we had in the Bay Area. Helicopters buzzing around everywhere to issue traffic citations sounds horrible to me. Robguz


Traffic lights v roundabouts: roundabouts are way safet — many, many cases documented of reducing crashes [they’re NOT accidents!] and reducing the severity of those that do happen.

Commuting to Hilo is NOT the future. Develop Puna for Puna with services, business, and livelihoods right here. Repeated cases demonstrate that a 2-to-3-year highway widening project such as would be the case for Hwy 130 reduces traffic congestion for about 5 years. And, then, there’s more traffic…
Of course, mass transit potential has not even begun to be realized.
Put the $$ outlay and hours-on-the-road as costs, compare local economic development and reduced dependency on low-occupancy-vehicle versus widening. Make a fair comparison. Having seen the results in so many other situations I am confident local economic development and reduced use of cars is most beneficial.

The Helicopter proposal was NOT about them “buzzing around everywhere.” …gimme a break!
The County owns one Police helicopter right now in this real world we are talking about. It could be deployed tomorrow morning.

Perhaps you are afraid of being cited for traffic violations?

James Weatherford, Ph.D.

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  1. The HDOT really needs to do something about the
    intersection at the Pahoa Malama Market. That
    is one of the most haphazard intersections I’ve seen.
    I nearly hit a car when I was leaving from there recently.

    Damon – Agreed! I have to drive that intersection at least once a day!
    *update* I doubt that that particular intersection will be addressed in the project that I’m working with since it’s not on the actual highway

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