Cabbage Knocks Out Butterbean in the 2nd Round But Loses in 2nd Round of K1 Tourney

The title says it all!

Here is a great picture I found.

Unfortunately in the second round of the tournament the following happened:

….Another injury changed the matchup for the first semifinal — it was announced prior to the bout that Mighty Mo could not continue in the tournament due damage suffered in his scrap with Smith. Under K-1 rules, reserve fight winner Randy Kim took Mo’s spot against “Cabbage” Correira.

An aggressive start to this one, Kim firing in kicks, Cabbage closing with fists. Kim had the more varied attacks through the first — low kicks, knees, a spinning back punch and a couple of good right crosses that made contact — but could deliver the decisive blow. In the second, however, it was evident that Correira’s trailing leg was hurt. Kim focused his attacks there, striking on the inside of the calf to score a down, then kicking the leg again to get a second down and pick up the win….

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