Cabbage vs. Butter(bean)

Well tomorrow we will find out if Hilo’s own Wesley Cabbage Correira can talk big again on the Big Island.

Fighting against Butterbean tomorrow should mark a major point in his career whether he wins or loses at the K-1 Fights at the Stan Sheriff tomorrow.

What is Papala?

A question was recently raised as to what Papala is. The Scientific Name is Charpentiera Obovata.

The fruits of the papala kepau contain a sticky sap used to trap birds.
I would assume this would enable people to collect feathers possibly???

More info can be found here.

Why Local Kids Shouldn’t Smoke… Well No One Should Smoke for that Matter.

Just ran across this clip of a local boy who took some serious punishment because of someone else smoking a cigarette.


Reply From the Governors Office

I wrote to the Governors office this morning about Mickey Mouse and Hawaii Schools and I’m actually surprised by the quick response:

Aloha Mr. Tucker,

Thank you for emailing Governor Lingle’s office and sharing this information with us.

Office of Governor Linda Lingle

Dear Governor Lingle

I wrote the following letter to Governor Lingles office this morning. We will see what this brings about.

Dear Governor Lingle,

I’m writing to thank you for questioning the Department of Educations expenditures on the Recent June 22 – 25 trip to Walt Disney World.

It seems strange to me that you are only questioning this year, when educators were also sent to the same conference last year.

I don’t have the numbers and the amounts spent, but I’m sure someone in your office can dig them up.


Damon Tucker
Pahoa, Hawaii