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Is a Billy Kenoi Smear On?

I just noticed someone posted a link to the following web address.


At this site, it is very obvious to me that they are just trying to put on a smear.

About a week ago, a friend of mine received a packet of information regarding an altercation involving Hawaii County Mayoral Candidate, Billy Kenoi. After reading the packet, he then passed it on to me…..

A little information about this domain I came across through a simple whois search…

John Akonipule
*** Desha Ave.
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 27-Jul-08
Expires on: 28-Jul-09
Last Updated on: 27-Jul-08

Administrative Contact:
Akonipule, John johnakonipule@gmail.com
*** Desha Ave.
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
United States
808430**** Fax —

Technical Contact:
Akonipule, John johnakonipule@gmail.com
*** Desha Ave.
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
United States
808430**** Fax —

Smears are ugly things to do. I don’t doubt the content of the site, I wonder about the timing of it.

*Update* It looks like Hunter Bishop has found out this cat tried to use a school as the address!

14 Responses

  1. […] Owner of Smear Site Against Guy Enriques is Morton Bassan Posted on August 10, 2010 by Damon So anyone that knows me… knows that I hate it when folks set up smear sites against candidates in politics.  A few years ago I outed the person that setup the smear site trying to smear then Mayoral Candidate Mayor Kenoi. […]

    • Ours is not a smear campaign!!!!!

      Enriques is trying to privatize and permanently gate the Kamaoa Dirt Road west of South Point Road that will land lock TMKs 9-3-005: parcels 10 & 11. His action will take access from TMK 9-3-003: parcel 9. If you go to TMK 9-3-005 you will see on that map there is a road from parcels 10 & 11 connecting to Kamaoa Road. You will notice I do not own those properties but those landowners are my neighbors and friends. I have the software and know-how to program web sites with good SEO. Go google Guy Enriques to see our web site comes up page 3 or google Enriques Guy we come up page 1.

      It is unlawful to take real estate access from landowners without proper condemnation by eminent domain proceedings and proper payment, neither of which Enriques is proposing.

      His other actions are totally inappropriate varying from just very bad taste to unlawful.

      There is a land resolution to sell the public Kamaoa dirt Road on the Committee hearing Tuesday, August 17, 2010 somewhere in Kona. Actually we need your help and anybody’s help you know to stop this illegal sale. Later, when those property owners sue our county we will just pay them with our tax dollars – does that make any sense?

      So, now you know our intentions are not to smear Enriques but to protect our rights as land owning citizens from someone whom I wished now I had not voted for.

      My letter to various newspaper’s letter (which requires me to disclose my identity) to the editor is:

      Have you ever voted for a politician that once he was elected was pretty much a total disappointment? I voted for Guy Enriques. Now that Enriques is in office I disagree with so many things about him I want my vote back. If you also want your Enriques vote back or just want him out of office then please go to http://www.impeachguyenriques.info , download the impeachment petition, sign it, ask your friends to sign it, and mail it to the address on the petition.

      You just happened onto our web site before the next stage of publicity.

      In any event I hope this explains we are not trying to smear anyone. We are just trying to protect land owners’ property rights from an errant politician.



  2. Come on people, so the bar incident at 2:30am is “alleged” the case was put off by Kenoi several times until one of the victims was deployed to Iraq, end of story there. What about the 9 traffic citations, from no insurance, no registration, exibition of speed, it goes on and on! Now that’s a fact, as is his felony conviction years back. Sounds like this candidate might just believe he’s above abiding by the laws we all are expected to respect. Ask yourself this: How has Kenoi gotten this far? Answer: He’s an Attorney
    Wise up.

  3. Twenty three years ago, to say I was best friends with with Billy Kenoi would be ridiculous statement. It’s not about personal feelings about someone that would take my vote away, it’s about “SUBSTANCE”, and what that person can bring to the table for the betterment of Hawaii county that would get my vote. The other candidates had their chances for changes, and blew it. We need a change, and Billy would get my vote. Billy has proven to me, he can do the job, and cares about Hawaii.

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