Geothermal Industry Continues to Grow

Here in Hawaii, we could really benefit by using Geothermal more to it’s potential.

A survey released by the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) shows continued growth in the number of new geothermal power projects under development in the United States, a 20% increase since January of this year.

However, this article states that there are TWO Geothermal plants in Hawaii. Where is the second one located, or being built, or is this a typo in the article?

….The August 2008 results by state are: (State: Number of Geothermal Projects/Megawatts) Alaska: 5: 53 – 100 MW; Arizona: 2: 2 – 20 MW; California: 21: 927.6 – 1036.6 MW; Colorado: 1: 10 MW; Florida: 1: 0.2 – 1 MW; Hawaii: 2: 8 MW….

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