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Mauna Loa CO2 January to July Trend Goes Negative First Time in History

Thanks to this report today, we have some good news for once:

….this is a unique event in the history of the data set. A value lower in July than January has never happened before…

Keaau – Pāhoa Road Improvements Project

I’m learning more and more about this project.

Here is a map of the project area:

“The planning portion of this project is anticipated to be completed in 2009. The resulting study will involve an alternatives analysis, public involvement program and the preparation of environmental documents. The project design stage should be completed by 2012 and the construction of an improved highway should be completed by 2017.”

I’d like to hear ideas and get the general feelings on everything from Roundabouts, Speed Limits, Alternate Routes, Lighting Concerns, or anything else that might be on peoples minds.

Redistricting Puna

In 2001 there was a bill in front of the Legislature to change the maps of some districts.

I can’t believe they were thinking of taking a piece off of Puna and giving it to Maui.

Can anyone tell me what benefit this might give to the people of the Big Island or in general Puna?

Funny thing… Look at the date of the Starbulletin Article

Guess they had other things on there mind then redistricting as a month later 9/11 happened and the whole Legislature pretty much fell apart. ;)

American Airlines Offering Cheap Tickets to Hawaii

I normally wouldn’t plug a business… but I just noticed that there are some bargains right now despite high fuel prices.

…American Airlines is running a discount airfare sale to the Islands just now, with deals starting as low as $307, each-way….

More info here.

$54,400 Awarded to Hawaii to Develop, Test and Implement an Innovative Hybrid Agricultural Internet Marketing System

Noticed the USDA gave away some grants recently.

Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer today announced matching grants totaling over $1.3 million to support agricultural market research in 24 states and territories…..

Hawaii – $54,400 to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Hawaii Food Industry Association and the Hawaii Cooperative of Organic Farmers, to develop, test and implement an innovative hybrid agricultural Internet marketing system that will optimize producer expenditures on e-commerce advertising

As the price of fuel rises, Farmers are desperate to find any way to reduce costs.