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Who is the Better Athlete in this Picture?

I found this interesting Wall Street Journal article about Duke Kahanamoku and Babe Ruth.

In it states:

…Mr. Marren estimates the photo would go for between $500 and $1,000 if it were put on the market today. The autographed program he puts at between $3,000 and $5,000. Babe Ruth is “the most popular athlete of all time, still today,” he says…..

While Babe might be popular, I think we know here in Hawaii who was the better athletes of the two. Just look at the bodies ;)

Duke Kahanamoku and Babe Ruth

Duke Kahanamoku and Babe Ruth

But hey… if it’s the Wall Street Journal, they must be right ;)

One Response

  1. One of the most agile and fit people I ever had the privilege of knowing was a friend in the Corps.
    SSGT Toa Afualo was a Samoan. He was by all standards of height/ weight, obese in Marine Standards.

    We were in Guam at the PX and I looked up at this cocoanut tree that had to be 70 feet tall. I was amazed at how laden this tree was with cocoanuts. I said to SSGT Afualo wow, would you look at that. He said huh. You want one? With that, he had shucked off his boots and shimmied up that tree in just seconds. He then twisted of a green cocoanut and slide down.
    He beat that thing on the corner of this lava rock wall and then used his teeth to tear into it. Then he proceeded to bust the inner shell and make spoons so we could scrape out “da spoon meat”.

    So how can I ever look at some one and tell if they are fit or not?

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