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    May 2018
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Effing Centipede Bit Me Last Night!

*Note* Sorry for the disgusting pictures… but just documenting another event in my life”

So last night I’m sound asleep and I get awoken to this sharp piercing pain in my right foot and at first I thought I had cut off the blood to my foot and thought it had just fallen asleep… but after taking a closer look, I noticed a couple bite marks!

Despite the fact that I’ve never been bitten by a centipede… I knew exactly that is what had happened!  My foot instantly felt paralyzed and the throbbing pain was just unbearable.

I didn’t know if the swelling was going to keep going up my leg or what so I woke my wife up and asked her to take me to the local Fire Department at about midnight.  The closest emergency room is nearly 45 minutes away from where I live.

The firemen confirmed that it was a centipede bite, one even mentioned that he had been bitten over 20 times and they told me the only way to really treat a centipede bite is to wash the wound and apply cold presses and heat presses to the area of the bite wound.

Well I did that all night… and my foot is still swollen as of this moment and I can’t put any pressure on my foot at all.  I will keep a close eye on it and make sure that it doesn’t get infected.

Gee... Big Foot?