Coqui’s Complaint

"Coqui Complaint" - Submitted by Tom Lackey

"Coqui's Complaint" - Submitted by Tom Lackey

Milk of Human Kindness – With Pictures

I’ve got a friend here in Pahoa, Tom Lackey, who has really shown a lot of spirit and aloha to a lot of people in the community.

I’m posting this on behalf of him, now that I have pictures of said wheelchair that was returned to him:

The following is a post from Punaweb, just with some pictures added.

About six months ago I answered a request on  Punaweb.

Some individual asked if anyone had a wheelchair for sale cheep. I responded to him and after talking with him I realized he didn’t have very much money and was in need of a wheelchair for his unfortunate brother, who was confined to a chair. This person said that his brother would be visiting him for around six weeks or so and needed a chair for upstairs and one for downstairs. The wheelchair that I had was new with about ½ hour of use, [cost about $500.00] Barbara my wife has two, one that the insurance bought and one that we purchased. His story touched me so I let him use the chair on the condition that he would return to me in the same shape that he borrowed it.

Not only did this person not return it he left the island. I located the place that he was staying and it belongs to his son. When I drove up into his driveway I was treated like a intruder. After explaining what I was there for he said, “oh yea, I remember something like that” and went to retrieve my chair. When he brought it to me I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. The rubber on both wheels was gone and the rims were ground down to nothing.


The chair was left out in the rain and is a total rust bucket.


The only apology I got was “sorry about that.”


I refuse to let this make me cold and callous to people in need, but from now on I will only deal with people that I know. Sorry for the hooting, I’m just pissed and needed to vent somewhere.

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