More On My Grandpa this Veterans Day

My mom just left a comment below about my Veterans Day Post on my Grandfather.

She adds:

Dad was in WWII. Both Great Grandfathers were in WWI. GG Lane died of the Great Flu Pandemic after WWI. GG Rowe died of gangrene  in pre-penicillin days.

As I was watching “Saving Private Ryan” the other day, I remembered Dad’s story of arriving on the beach at Normandy. I don’t know how many were killed or wounded on that assault, Dad didn’t tell gory stories. He just said that he made it thru with only a bullet hole thru his pant’s leg.

Dad was also captured and escaped the Germans two times in one day. He was treating GI’s on the road, slightly behind the front lines. Then a squad of Germans arrived and told him to surrender. Since he didn’t carry a gun and was a doctor, the Germans had him treating their men. Then Americans came and captured that group, so Dad was released. Dad later that day was treating men in a farm house. A German officer came down from the attic and captured dad and those men. But Dad convinced the German to surrender. So, the story ends, that Dad was captured two times in one day.

This story was printed in a newspaper, and a copy of it is in Dad’s war trunk at “R Farm”.

Happy Veterans Damon. If Dad hadn’t have escaped, you and I might not be.


Thanks for filling in some of the memories mom.  Wish I was old enough when I was younger to appreciate some of his war stories more thoroughly.

Today’s “Smuckasm”

If you haven’t seen my smucks up top, these are awards that I give to people that I just can’t understand for one reason or another… or I just don’t like something they may have done.

I had quite a few people tell me that I’m using the wrong word and that  smuck should be schmuck, however,  that simply was never the case.  I tried to explain that in my initial post here about the “Smuck Awards”… But I guess no one reads my blog, so I had to keep telling Smicks over and over that a Smuck is my version of a Schmuck!

So now I before I even start my new thing on my blog… I guess I need to explain to all the Smicks out there, that I know what the word SARCASM means.

So I’m now telling you Smicks ahead of time… that a SMUCKASM is my version of sarcasm!

With that, I’ll start my daily “Today’s Smuckasm”.

You can think of it like a daily quote… with a twist.

Go on now… nothing more to read here.

Luxury Home Owner on West Side Being Offered 100Mbps Internet Speeds from Time Warner!

In today’s news:  The Rich Get Richer!


…Time Warner Cable in Hawaii about their future plans for symmetrical 100Mbps connectivity in Hawaii. Unfortunately for residents, this is only being offered to those who have homes in the Hualalai Resort area, a luxury development on the Kona-Kohala Coast of West Hawaii. It’s the only instance I’ve seen where Time Warner Cable has opted for pure fiber, though you’re seeing cable operators embrace FTTH more and more for new developments. In this case it looks like Higgins gets symmetrical 100Mbps, while TC, Rick and Magnum get 8Mbps/1Mbps.


According to Cable Digital News, Time Warner Cable has issued a request for information (RFI) exploring next-generation fiber-to-the-home architectures, (like RF over Glass (RFOG), EPON, 10-Gig EPON) that allow them to run fiber to the home, while keeping their current head ends and cable modems. Before anyone gets too excited, cable carriers are largely only interested in these technologies for new higher-end “greenfield” developments like, say, in Hawaii luxury residences — or small businesses.

More here


*update: I just found out that The Kona Blogged was the blog that broke this news a while back: Good Job Aaron!

Reader Submissions

Some people would love to write an article or blog, however, they just don’t have time to write a full on blog all the time.  Others would love to just write that one article every now and then.  Here is your chance to do that!

Tiffany Edwards over at The Big Island Chronicle has recently started accepting submissions for various things on her blog.

I think that’s a great idea, so I’m going to open up a section for reader submissions as well… Of course I will have the final say on whether something get’s posted or not.

I’ll accept most anything… and it won’t even cost you a Damon Dollar.

The process for submitting is to send your “Article, Column, Picture, Event Flier, etc”  to

I will take that information and form a blog about it by pretty much cutting and pasting the information.  (If it has a picture or two that’s cool too… just as long as I know where to put it in the article… You will have to send those as attachments)

I will then link post that blog link to the “Reader Submissions” tab at the top of this site.  I will tag each “Submission” with the Submitters name so that anytime later it will also easily be found.

If it’s an event, I will most likely erase the event after the event has taken place unless comments have been generated underneath it.

I’ve started it out with a submission from the past by cartoonist/artist and all around good guy,  Greg Henkel.  He drew a  few years ago, however, it fit to a blog I posted earlier and he was kind enough to send it in.  He used to send in all kinds of cartoons to Hunter Bishops blog, however those are no longer available.

You can view the new “Readers Submissions” and know that this can be considered the “Community” part of my blog.

Questions… Feel free to ask!

Dear Mayor Kenoi… Tuesdays Tsunami Drill and Twitter

Twitter provided an excellent form of communication for many people during recent power outages.

I hope the county will look at twitter in the future as a means of communication.

I just sent the following email off to the Mayor:


Just curious if ANYONE at the county has thought about using TWITTER as a communication device during times of emergency?

During the recent Oahu Power outage, twitter was a vital way for many people to communicate.

I look forward to seeing how the evacuation plays out, however, I suggest that the county look at other ways of communicating directly with the public in the general for releasing immediate information.


It is interesting looking back now at some of the dialog that was going on during the power outages.  There is several pages of tweets.

Hopefully more and more people will begin using twitter as a communication device.

I just made a tweet about my wife being at farmers market… and a few minutes later I got a tweet back from someone telling me how the weather was there right that second.

Technology can be a great tool if used correctly.  Many people are a bit apprehensive to jump on the band wagon.  That’s ok… your kids and grand kids will be on it soon enough.

Polynesians Originated in Taiwan?

By tracking the evolution of language and gut bacteria, scientists may have settled a debate over the spread of humans across the Pacific.

The evolutionary trajectory implied by words and bugs begins with an initial migration from Taiwan 5,000 years ago, with a first wave of people spreading to the Philippines and a second to western Polynesia.

The findings, writes University of Cambridge archaeologist Colin Renfrew, “mark a substantial advance in our understanding of human population history” — and they involve some cutting-edge archaeological sleuthing to boot.

Physical remains, rather than linguistic patterns and microbes, are the preferred form of evidence for human migratory maps. Population genetics has also proved useful, with the progressive differences between modern and ancient DNA samples forming a biological tapestry of human history. But archaeologists attempting to understand the settlement of far-flung Pacific islands have been stymied by a lack of hard evidence, and genetic studies have proven inconclusive.

As a result, some historians concluded that settlement occurred gradually, over the last 30,000 years, by descendants of an initial population from inland southeast Asia — the so-called “slow boat from Wallacea” theory. Others hypothesized a recent, Taiwan-based origin…

More Here

New NASA Moon Rover Revealed – The Video

I was fortunate enough to be on Mauna Kea when they had the “Media Day” and got to see the SCARAB rover in action.


Here is NASA’s Latest Mars Rover. It doesn’t have a name yet, however, NASA is offering kids a chance to name it: (DOUBLE CLICK TO GO TO VIDEO)


NASA unveiled its latest prototype lunar vehicle at the tail-end of Barack Obama’s inauguration parade in Washington DC.

The Lunar Electric Rover was tested in the Arizona desert last October and is run by a plug-in electric Lithium-ion battery.

NASA is sharing its technology with the US automobile industry.

The strange looking vehicle has plenty of time to wait till being used for its intended purpose, as astronauts are not due to go back to the moon until 2020.

Mauna Kea Team Discover Methane Gas on Mars… The Video


…The team found methane in the Martian atmosphere by carefully observing the planet throughout several Mars years with NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility and the W.M. Keck telescope, both at Mauna Kea, Hawaii…

More Here

Former Hawaii Governor William F. Quinn… What’s My Line (The Video)

*Statehood Day Bump*
Former Governor of Hawaii Willam F. Quinn

Former Governor of Hawaii Willam F. Quinn

Just found this clip that was posted today on youtube of former Hawaii Governor William F. Quinn when he was on the game show “What’s My Line” in 1958.


First Time I’ve Really Been Excited About A President Leaving

This is the first time I’ve ever really been excited about a president leaving office.

Its not only that I’m against a lot of what the Shrub(s) have done while in office, it’s the fact that I think were getting a great president coming into office.

I’m working on a countdown to “Bush being out of office” statement that I’ll put up on the corner of my blog.  It might not be noticeable at first what is happening… but it will be eventually.

More on Pahoa Museum… Pictures

I’m adding the first two posts at the bottom of this to create one link on my side bar.

Part III

So the Pahoa Museum is getting closer and closer to coming together.  They officially have a sign now.


As well as an official address.  Well they always had an official address, but now people can find them if they are looking for an address.

Front Entrance

Front Entrance

More interesting stuff is being brought in each and every day.  I thought about plopping myself down on this nice couch but I thought better of it.  I wonder who may have sat in it before?

Who may have sat here?

Who may have sat here?

Curator Sandre Fernando hard at work putting some paint to the walls and ceilings.

Sandre Fernando

Sandre Fernando

It is still scheduled to open during Pahoa’s Centennial next month.


Part II

A couple weeks ago I posted some pictures and a small snippet about Pahoa’s new community museum that is going to open in February.

I went by today and was able to get some more pictures:


No the following picture is not upside down. This is a large map of the Big Island that has been hung upside down on the ceiling. I asked the person (Sandre) that was inside about the map, but he didn’t have that much information. He did mention that the map maker was someone who designs the larger maps in the world…(or something to that effect):

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Map

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Size of the Map

Of course what museum wouldn’t be complete without it’s share of Hollywood memorabilia and other collectibles from the ages:

Other collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

Other Collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

They are still shooting for a February grand opening.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets of this place.

Part I

I got the opportunity to get a quick look at the new Pahoa “Community” Museum that is scheduled to open during Pahoa’s Centennial Anniversary.

The building is located across from Luquins Restaurant:

Outside of New Pahoa Museum

Outside of New Pahoa Museum

Owner Pete Lebold thanked his crew of volunteers that were putting endless hours into getting the place opened for a “Soft Opening” today, emphasizing it wouldn’t be open for customers until the centennial.

Opening Soon

Opening Soon

Pete Lebold holds up an old map

Pete Lebold holds up an old map

The entrance opens up to this nice table:

Beautiful Table at Front Entrance

Beautiful Table at Front Entrance

In some of the corners, you will find coffee trees that have been carved to make intricate holders for different pieces.

Vases on Coffee Tree Sculptures

Vases on Coffee Tree Sculptures

These Vases are about 3 feet tall

These Vases are about 3 feet tall

Owner Lebold mentioned that although he has spent more then $8,000 of his own dollars on getting this museum open, that it is for the community and that he is still looking for more contributions.

Peter Lebold hard at work

Peter Lebold hard at work

Lebold mentions that he is hoping the Museum will have a website soon, but in the meantime, people can reach him at

New Police Chief and Deputy Chief Sworn in a Few Minutes Ago

I just got a Twit from BIVN who was on location today when the new police chief Harry Kubojiri and Deputy Chief Paul Ferreira were officially sworn into office a few minutes ago.

Video to come later on Big Island Video News where he has also recently posted his Top Stories of 2008.

Hawaii County to Serve as Pilot Program for Vote-By-Mail System?

I heard about this earlier and forgot to mention it.  The Tribune ran the following today:

…A resolution asking the state to replace all voting machines in Hawaii County with a vote-by-mail system beginning in the 2010 election. The state of Oregon has conducted votes exclusively by mail for several years, and Councilwoman Brenda Ford wants Hawaii County to serve as a pilot program in 2010…

You can view the actual resolution here.

I myself think this would leave open the chance for to much fraudulent votes.

I’d love to see them figure out a way to do “Online” voting.

Video of New Zealand Jet Fueled by Jatropha

Jatropha is a crop that people on the Big Island have been talking about growing as an alternative energy source. Here is the just released video of the New Zealand jet that was fueled by it.


County Getting New Website… RSS Please Mr. Bishop

A few days ago, I mentioned about how I wish things would change with the counties website and a few of my wishes for the site.

“I wish the county would start doing more with their website such as adding an RSS feed. I’d like to see links updated more often as well. I have fired off an email to the county regarding this matter and offered assistance if they were to establish a “County Blog” or something to that effect.”

I just noticed the following comment (#8) on the Poinography blog that was submitted this morning by Hunter Bishop.

…Anyway, since becoming county public relations specialist in December, I and others have been designing a new site that should address your concerns and be online sometime this month…

I sure hope that RSS feeds are included in this new design.

“Island Notes” in 2009

I’m adding a new blog to my ‘roll.

Island Notes is a fairly new blog.  He likes to talk a bit of smack every now and then, but he’s a good writer, although we don’t often see eye to eye on issues.

If you can handle an effing swear word or two or three, check out Island Notes, another blog from the East Side of Hawaii.

(P.S. you know where you can send the Damon Dollar too.)  :lol:

New Design for New State ID Cards

Beginning January 5, the State will be issuing new ID cards for people wishing to obtain Hawaii ID cards.  The new cards will look like this:


Anyone Know About This Blog… If it Sounds Too Good to be True…

Just came across this blog:

The Big Island Reporter:

It sure is a “different type” of site, if I might say.

I’ve always believed if something sounds to good to be true… then it probably isn’t true.  I remember seeing the following craigslist ad… Gee something looks familiar:  “$10,000 Parntership with the Big Island Reporter” sounds good to me!


Mayor Kenoi Shows Face… Media Releases Being Updated Online

I’ve been checking the Counties website the last few days and I just noticed that Mayor Kenoi now has his picture on the Mayor’s Message. Or maybe it’s that I’m the last person in town to find out.

I wish the county would start doing more with their website such as adding an RSS feed. I’d like to see links updated more often as well. I have fired off an email to the county regarding this matter and offered assistance if they were to establish a “County Blog” or something to that effect.

If the State Legislature can have a House Blog, a House Minority Blog, and a Senate Majority Blog, then I don’t see why the County of Hawaii couldn’t have a “Blog” as well. I know the perfect ex-blogger that is now working in a county position that could possibly run it. :idea:

I just now noticed the link to “Media Releases” has been getting updated. I’m not sure if this is a new feature or not, but it is nice that it is now available. If/When they ever get an RSS feature to that site, then it will be less work to update my site when new releases are put out.

Now that Mayor Kenoi has surrounded himself with good people who understand how important it is to have a good working relationship with the media, I think they are also learning the value of Digital communication.

Now the county needs to learn more about Webcasting, Blogging, and having county workers use Twitter as an application that can really keep everyone who is interested in county events abreast of things in a timely manner.

I guess we can only ask for one thing at a time. I’d be happy just to be able to take pictures of Police Officers. :oops:

Lind Collection Features Photos From Duke Kahanamoku Funeral

I’m not sure when Ian Lind posted his latest album on his website of the Duke Kahanamoku funeral, however, it does give a glimpse of what a REALLY BIG ocean  “Ash Scattering” looks like.

The last time I attended a scattering of ashes at Waikiki, was about 4-5 years ago when my wifes uncle Zulu’s ashes were scattered off Waikiki.

Here is just one picture from Dukes Funeral featured on Lind’s Site:

Crowd Gathers to Scatter Duke Kahanamoku's Ashes

Crowd Gathers to Scatter Duke Kahanamoku's Ashes