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    October 2018
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First Humpback Whale of the Season Spotted by Body Glove Cruise

Today I had the opportunity to go out on Body Glove Hawaii’s 65 foot Catamaran with folks affiliated with Body Glove.

World Champion Surfer Jamie O'Brien was one of the guests invited on the cruise.

World Champion Surfer Jamie O’Brien was one of the guests invited on the cruise.

On our way out to a snorkeling spot along the Kona coast we came across both Spinner Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins .

Spinner Dolphins

Spinner Dolphins

We spent about 2 hours at the snorkeling spot where we had lunch and drinks on the boat.  Some folks jumped off the high platform of the boat, others slid down the boats slide… and others simply socialized on board.

Tiki Shark Agent Abbas Hassan, Surfer Jamie O'Brien and Artist Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker talk story about things.

Tiki Shark Agent Abbas Hassan, Surfer Jamie O’Brien and Artist Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker talk story about things.

After a few hours in the sun, the boat turned back for Kona.  On our way back to the pier… a Humpback Whale BREACHED about 100 yards from the boat.  The captain of the boat said that this was the first sighting of a Humpback Whale that they have seen (this year)!  Of course it only breached once and so I wasn’t able to capture a picture of it… but many of us on the boat saw it as well as the captain as he slowed the boat to a gentle crawl.

Folks enjoying themselves in the water

Folks enjoying themselves in the water

Mahalo to the folks at Body Glove Hawaii for making this trip possible.  I highly suggest folks give this a try if you are staying in the Kona area.  They have both a morning snorkeling cruise and an evening dinner and dancing cruise!

The boat departs from the Kona Pier.

The boat departs from the Kona Pier.

You can visit the Body Glove Hawaii website here:  Body Glove Hawaii

Top 10 Adventures in 2010… Numbers 4 and 3

Continuing on with my top 10 adventures in 2010 today brings us to adventures 4 and 3.

Coming in at #4 was getting a chance to go out to sea with the US Navy Destroyer USS CHUNG-HOON

At the helm of the USS Chung-Hoon

A group of us got to go out to sea with the sailors of the USS Chung-Hoon on their family day… despite the fact that I don’t have any family members aboard the Chung-Hoon I was well accepted on board.

Playing with toys?

I had no idea that when we were out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that a submarine would submerge next to us… that was pretty thrilling!

This tripped me out!

Like to say thanks to the folks at US Pacific Command for hooking me up with this trip… despite the fact that I got seasick on it and felt like I had sea legs for the next 24 hours!

Coming in at #3 was a Snorkeling trip off the Kona Coast with Fairwind Cruises Hula Kai where I got to use a sea rocket!

The Boat

The sea rocket that I got to use was incredible as it literally propelled me through the water so I didn’t have to use much energy trying to swim.

A "Sea Rocket"

Not only did they feed us breakfast… but they also fed us lunch… which unfortunately for me, kept me out of the water for a bit of time because I didn’t want to cramp up.

Here’s a quick video of what I got to do!


I’d like to thank Fair Wind Cruises for this opportunity of a lifetime!