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Record Rainfall… A Pacific View Clears the Air

Yesterday I posted an update from the NOAA that mentioned that Hilo got a record amount of rain.

Of course my mom remembers when her house flooded about 10 years ago so she questioned my blog.

Tom over at “A Pacific View” has cleared some things up on the data.  If anyone knows about weather… it’s him.

Check out his latest post:

Record Rainfall? Yes and No to help clear the air on things.

Toy & Trinket Store Closing… Native Hawaiian Health Care Center Relocating?

Pahoa Market Place (I call it Malama Market Shopping Center for some reason) has been a blessing for many folks in Puna who do not wish to drive all the way in to town.


Many of us in Puna have turned to Trish’s Toys & Trinkets in the Market Place for those last second childrens gifts that we don’t want to drive all the way in to town for.

Sunday will be the final day for Trish’s business that has been at the corner of the Malama Market Shopping Center.

Front Entrance to Trish's Toy's & Trinkets

Front Entrance to Trish's Toy's & Trinkets

Most of the items inside the store are 20% off and more, although the shelves are a bit bare now, as there is no need for more inventory.


They still had a decent stock of Christmas goodies to be found… so if your looking for a last minute stocking stuffer, there are still some to be found.

Trisha in Background

Trish in Background

I had read other places that Trish has been trying to sell her store for quite some time now.  However, with the economy the way it is right now… No ones is looking for any risky investments at this time.

I asked Trish if she knew what would become of the space after the store closed, and she said with a disappointed look on her face that it would become office space and that the Native Hawaiian Health Care System would take over the space.

Small Office Next to the New L&L Restaraunt

Small Office Next to the New L&L Restaraunt

I went over to Hui Malama Ola Na Oiwi squeezed in between Sirius Coffee and L&L restaraunt and asked if they were moving over to the Malama Market Shopping center… And they said that they are ONLY IN NEGOTIATIONS still and that nothing has been finalized.

If Trish or Don read my blog, I wish you the best in your move back to the mainland.

“Puna News” Investigating Rumor of Alleged Shutdown

I just picked up a copy of the Vol. 8, No. 6 issue of the “Puna News” and at the bottom of the front page it gives an apology for being late in getting out to the community this month.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the HawaiiFreePress was no longer going to be running a print issue.  I hope no one reading my blog  mistook that posting for the “Puna News”.

From the Puna News in regards to why they were late to the stands this month (sorry no website available):

…However, what happened was not caused by shipping delays, late submissions, broken presses or any of the other things which sometimes plague a small paper.  Rather it was caused by the intentional mischievous or malicious act of another who advised our printer that the Puna News had gone out of business and would no longer be publishing.  Of course this required the resetting of print schedules as press time is always tentative, precious, and costly and when the paper reaches the printer, totally unexpectedly, we had to fit into an already full schedule.

This was done by someone, for whatever reason, is unconscionable and/or extremely poor business practice, and is being investigated

That seems a bit strange… I hope they follow up with this and let us know who, why and the eventual outcome of their investigation.

20 Years Later… Still No Spaceports South of Volcanoes National Park

Spaceports and rocket ships are in the news again:

Today, the US Federal Aviation Administration has given the green light for the world’s first commercial spaceport, New Mexico authorities said Thursday…

More Here

Anyone remember the ones that were planned for Hawaii?:

THE state of Hawaii, encouraged by President Reagan’s policy to encourage the commercial space industry, is moving ahead with plans to create a private spaceport for launching commercial rockets into space...

…The site, which is just south of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, would have four launching pads…

…Jim Burnley, Secretary of Transportation, said in a statement yesterday that Hawaii’s move was ”a major step forward” for America’s commercial rocket industry. ”Today,” he said, ”private-sector companies launching telecommunications and weather satellites can only use federally owned launch facilities. The state of Hawaii’s decision both creates an alternative and sets an example. I hope we’ll see many states follow Hawaii’s lead. February 23, 1988 New York Times

And if you feel like seeing one of Lingles talks about Spaceports in Hawaii… click here.

More on Big Island Advertiser’s Bureau Possible Closure

While Gannet continues to downsize across the country, I’ve noticed the quality of Honolulu’s own Advertiser has really gone down hill.

The more and more people they lay off, the less opportunities that people have to read quality news.

I read the comment/rumor by Hugh Clark on Big Island Chronicle about the possible shut down of the Advertisers Bureau here on the Big Island and I have come up with some possible scenarios that I could see playing out in the near future if it were to close down.

1.  The Bureau keeps the Big Island positions open for awhile (few months maximum) and slowly starts laying it’s employees off until it’s nothing but a skeleton possibly leaving only a few part-time employees working there.  Then, they finally close it a while later.

2. The Bureau closes down completely because the profits just aren’t there anymore.

3. The Bureau asks for cuts in salaries to keep the Big Island positions or across the entire Advertiser to save the paper in general.

4. Bureau employees on the Big Island walk off and start their own thing, whether it be another start up paper, blogs, or a complete different line of employment.

5.  Any other guesses?

It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next few years with newspapers in general.

If they continue to treat their employees like crap… then I wouldn’t blame any of the employees from possibly walking if that’s the route they decide to take.

I’m always looking for a few ex-journalist to link to my blog.  ;)

MacKenzie State Park… Park of the Unsolved Murders

If anyone has been to Mackenzie State Park, they know how isolated it is.

There are no real bathroom facilities no lifeguards and no pay phones around.

Another murder happened there this week.

Hans Christian Randrup’s murder, is the third murder in or near the park that has not been solved as of yet that I have heard of.

Dr. Philip Wolsk, 28, was found bludgeoned to death in his tent at MacKenzie on April 24, 1980. He’d been camping there with his fiancee, who was badly injured in the attack. The killers were never identified.

Sequoya Vargas, a 16-year-old Puna girl, was thrown over a cliff near the park the night of Aug. 22, 1993, after being sexually assaulted by three men…Vargas’ body was never found…

Sequoia Vargas

Sequoya Vargas

This is a STATE Park and yet we have all these unsolved murders happening.  Not a good sign.

Speaking of signs, I haven’t driven past MacKenzie Park in awhile… has the State ever put up a new official state sign… or does this one that Hunter Bishop took a picture of still exist down there?  Talk about State facilities getting run down… they can’t even fix a sign!


Ian Lind on Big Island Advertiser Bureau Rumor… “It Certainly Sounds Plausible”

Yesterday, I wrote a post about what I had read on “The Big Island Chronicle” after reading former Honolulu Advertiser reporter, Hugh Clarks, comment:

…There also are unverified reports that the Advertiser bureau here is being closed after at least 48 years of fulltime bureau chiefs, inludimg a time when fewer than 60,000 residents lived in this county following 1960 tsunami that leveled much of Hilo…

Former Starbulletin Investigative Reporter Ian Lind followed up with some comments about the situation himself, although he incorrectly reported that the comment was left on my blog (which I have sent him an email about).

It certainly sounds plausible. If Gannett’s thinking about cutting out home delivery, then things like  geographically-based bureaus are likely on the hit list as well….

Thunder… Where’s the Lightning? Getting Shocked Through the Phone No Rumor

Well it does look like were in for another wet day out here in Pahoa.

The thunder is crackling but you can’t see the lightning because it is day time.  Thunder doesn’t seem near as scary without the lightning.

My wifes grandmother has actually been shocked through the phone lines because of lightning.

Many people think it is a rumor, but I can verify through her accounts of the event… that it’s not.

I haven’t ever heard of someone being shocked during an electrical storm with a cell phone.  Landlines… blech!  HawaiiTel… go jump off the deep end already!

Big Island’s Advertiser Bureau to Shut Down After 48 Years?

I just read this comment by former reporter Hugh Clark on the Big Island Chronicle:
There also are unverified reports that the Advertiser bureau here is being closed after at least 48 years of full time bureau chiefs, including a time when fewer than 60,000 residents lived in this county following 1960 tsunami that leveled much of Hilo…

If that’s the case, then it’s going to be even more important for bloggers on the Big Island to stay on top of things.

Can anyone confirm this report at this time without losing their jobs?

When will people start believing me that newspapers are a thing of the past?

For the Record… “Were Not Lesbians”

I had the pleasure of meeting District 5 Councilwoman Naeole’s two new legislative aides that she has brought on, RJ Hampton and Sheryle “Sativa” Sulton today at the PGV anniversary.

Apparently word got back to them about a comment that was made on my blog regarding them being lesbians.

They asked me to clarify on my blog that they were not lesbians and only good friends.

RJ asked if I could remove the comment on my blog listed here, however, I told her that for the integrity of my blog, I would not remove comments by request of others.

I welcomed them both to respond on my blog directly and they told me that they don’t read blogs.

RJ Hampton and Cherish "Sativa" Almeida

RJ Hampton and Sheryle "Sativa" Sulton

I myself could really care less about a persons sexual preference.  Whether they can do the job as a legislative aide is the most important thing to me.

I did find it interesting that as soon as the food was served today… they dug out of the rest of the presentations. ;)

Remember… You Heard it Here First: Notre Dame vs. UH in Hawaii Bowl?

I was the first in Hawaii to mention that I thought Notre Dame would play Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl and I mentioned it here.

Today’s Honolulu Advertiser has the following:

The University of Notre Dame is believed to be strongly considering an appearance in the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl against the University of Hawai’i football team on Dec. 24…

More Here

Hawaii Prosecuting Attorney on New Marijuana Drug Law: The Video

…Contrary to what some may believe, marijuana continues to illegal on the Big Island under State and Federal Laws…Prosecuting Attorney Jay Kimura at the County of Hawaii Inaugural Cermony.


Video Courtesy of BIVN

“Pinoy Drug Mules Jailed in Hawaii”… Says Phillipines DEA

(Headline from article) ;)

Filipino drug couriers working for Nigerian drug syndicates have been arrested and jailed in Hawaii, according to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency…

…At least 69 Filipinos have been arrested in different airports in China since January this year for trying to smuggle heroin from Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia.

Most of them were women.

Twenty-four of them were caught bringing suitcases that contained dangerous drugs and were all recruited either directly or indirectly by Nigerian nationals.

Eight of them concealed dangerous drugs inside their bodies; and the remaining 37 were trying to smuggle dangerous drugs into China through other means.

More Here

I think this might be their version of the Enquirer or something?

Owner of Hawaii Campus Girls Website Responds… Are They Also Running Escort Service?

The other day I wrote about the “Hawaii Campus Girls” website that was being produced here and here.

I just received a comment from reader “Reggie” that states the following:

What a joke this is, I am the creator of the site and it’s not even finished yet. I live in Hilo by the way. The proxy is from my godaddy account. And I am not making a quick buck, I haven’t sold anything yet.

The lady who is helping me get started is a local lady designing a signature brand swim wear line. And all of these shots were done in Hawaii and there is nudity (although there maybe in the future. Fuck it why not? I love nudity)

Thank You to the two guys who stuck up for the site

My response was:

Yeah right dude! From your IP Address your the same dude that is running an escort site!

I found it very interesting that “Reggies” email address comes from an escort service called Silverspoon Escorts.

When looking at the Silver Spoons Escorts website (Site Designed by Under Da Sac Productions) it is very similar to that of the Hawaii Campus Girls Website.  Coincidence… I don’t think so… but maybe?  (I also notice that they also added more local looking girls to the site)
What are you trying to pull “Reggie”?

Notre Dame vs. UH in the Hawaii Bowl?

You heard it hear first!

I’m thinking the way things are working out right now… It’s gonna be UH vs. Notre Dame in the Hawaii Bowl!

Notre Dame Tells Students to Back Off of Punahou’s Te’o… Aloha Shirts Allowed

Manti Te’o, a Honolulu native and a prized linebacker recruit in the Class of 2009, will make a very long trip to visit Notre Dame this weekend.

Notre Dame had to take action this week to ensure Te’o could make a return trip if he so chooses.

Some Notre Dame students hatched a plan to distribute about 8,000 leis outside Notre Dame Stadium at Saturday’s game against Syracuse in honor of Te’o’s visit, posting that plan on an Irish fan website and even campaigning for help.

The problem? A concerted, organized effort such as that could be construed as an NCAA violation in which Notre Dame was publicizing a recruit’s visit to campus and encouraging that recruit to attend the school.

Once the Notre Dame compliance office received a missive about the plan, it bid the idea aloha…

…Signs, videos and messages over a public address system or printed T-shirts are among other no-nos as they relate to advertising a recruit’s visit to campus. There is only so much Notre Dame can control, however, and Karwoski indicated a mass banishment of anyone wearing a Hawaiian shirt is unlikely to occur

More Here

Raisin’ Cane Minister to be Council Lady Naeole’s Legislative Assistant?

People have been complaining a lot about Emily Naeole bringing “God” and “Religion” into her work duties.  Well it looks like her office might become even more “Heavenly” shall we say.

I just read that R.J. Hampton will replace Tiffany Edwards Hunt.

I don’t know much about this lady, in fact, I’ve never heard of her until this afternoon.

A quick dig of her history brings up the following:

Rev. R.J. Hampton, who operates the Raisin’ Cane ministry in Pahoa. Hampton, a minister ordained online by the California-based Universal Life Church,…

A quick look at this Universal Life Church website shows that it does appear very easy to become “ordained”.

In fact… I think I just “ordained” myself somehow ;) by simply following the directions on this page.

…You are about to become an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. For information regarding the legal aspects of this in your state or province, view the FAQ page on the site…

I knew it… I can become ordained… it even says so here:

…We ordain persons who are totally non-religious or even anti-religious

I believe this is the same person that supported the guy that wanted to pull their kids out of school because they didn’t want them to have TB tests… Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Big Island Genealogist Links Sarah Palin to Alec Baldwin as “Distant Cousins”

Strange… but the Advertiser just posted this at the same time… So I’ll take it for being true for now.  ;)

A Big Island couple who founded a genealogy service company has tracked GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s family ties to Hawaii and to actor Alec Baldwin.

Bruce and Kristine Harrison founded the Family Forest Project in 1995, and since have mapped the ancestral histories of thousands of political leaders, celebrities and historical figures, as well as everyday people…

…He said Palin and Baldwin are “fairly distant cousins” because their first ancestral connection is many generations back…

More Here

Pohoiki and MacKenzie Park to be Filming Sites for The TEMPEST?

Hat tip to Tim Ryan:

Pohoiki, otherwise known as Isaac Hale Park, along with MacKenzie State park are currently sites being looked at for the upcoming filming of The Tempest.

I mentioned that the Tempest would be filming on the Big Island here and here.

Tempest location manager Val Kim and state film commissioner Donne Dawson yesterday in Hilo and today in Kaulia-Kona met with Hawaii County and state officials from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Department of Parks and Recreation and other agencies to get permit approvals for about a half-dozen Big Island locations that include at least two state and county parks including McKenzie State Park and Isaac Hale Beach Park

Tempest execs also to hope to film in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in a location just off Chain of Craters Road but Park officials have not yet rendered their decision. Another location being considered is a brief ocean scene on the west side where some sort of temporary tree is set just offshore where a character is chased, according to the scrip.  Cast and crew on the Big Island are expected to stay at the Big Island’s Marriott Waikoloa Resort & Spa. On Lanai, actors and crew will stay at the one of the Four Seasons hotels and rent private houses on the island…

More Here

Second Superferry Delayed… To Be Used Elsewhere Before Coming to the Big Island?

I just noticed this post on the Marine Log:

…The company is expecting to take delivery of it in Mobile in late February 2009 and says it “will look at short-term opportunities for use of the ship prior to its induction into service in the islands…”

Just what we wanted… a used ferry. ;)

I bet you anything… that this get’s put to use as some sort of military transport.