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Paradise Rollergirls Recruiting for 2018 Season

You’ve seen “Whip It.”  You know someone who knows someone that is a rollergirl, or a skating official. You drive by Verna’s and casually glance at the beautiful banner that advertises our next bout. Maybe you’ve even been to a roller derby yourself.

Hilo’s Paradise Rollergirls, is actively recruiting skaters, officals (both on and off skates), and volunteers for the up and coming 2018 season.

  • Maybe you’re interested in a less conventional way to get into GREAT shape?
  • Or you’d like to be a part of a dynamic, caring, and inclusive community?
  • You fantasize about hitting someone from work and need to channel your anger?
  • Maybe you appreciate the technical side of the sport, including its dynamic/complex and respected rules?

Say no more! Bring yourself, your questions, concerns and any friends and loved ones to the Paradise Rollergirls’ “Meet, Greet, and Information night!”

What to expect:

  • A brief and dynamic skit from actual Paradise Rollergirls league members, which will at the very least be entertaining
  • The opportunity to talk story with actual members of PRG: crusty old vets, and rookie skaters
  • An overview of what it takes to skate or become an official (including schedule, gear, and everything in between)
  • A special, secret SURPRISE GIFT to YOU from the Paradise Rollergirls!
  • Learn about our special Rookie Camp, an intensive and friendly training program designed to teach you derby basics from scratch

Becoming a roller warrior is hard work- but it is an amazing and empowering journey. Hope to see you there!


  • OCTOBER 23rd at 7 pm: Try On Night! Come and try on some skates at the Wainaku Gym
  • OCTOBER 30th: First official day of PRG Rookie Camp

Paradise Roller Girls Return to the Track This Saturday

Remember back in the 80’s when roller derby was like the World Wrestling Federation? Derby girls went flying around the rink in zipper suits throwing elbows at other middle age women in order to channel their anger at something other than their pudgy pale-faced husbands.

Watching derby on TV made young girls across the country want to strap on their skates and start smashing shoulders in the driveway, just as boys watching WWF would dress up in Hulk Hogan costumes and throw each other around the living room. It was all good and fun, but like WWF, much of the derby performed on TV was staged.

Sure, the real thing existed. Real blood did spill, and before the TV theatrics of the 80’s, derby was considered a real sport. But the face smashing, cat fighting, late night entertainment blips shown on TV was just entertainment. That all changed though as roller derby re-emerged as something much bigger, and even more exciting, than it’s ever been.

After surviving a few short spurts in the 90’s the sport seemed to disappear completely, only to come back in full force in the mid-2000s. The re-emergence and growing popularity of the sport is in much part due to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, known as WFTDA. The association was born in 2004 when 20 separate derby league representatives met in the Chicago area to talk about reviving derby as a real sport. By 2008 WFTDA had grown to 60 leagues, and today boasts having 198 full member leagues and 97 apprentice leagues, including the Big Island’s own Paradise Roller Girls.

Paradise Roller Girls

Roller derby returned to Hawaii Island in 2010 with the formation of Paradise Roller Girls

The first Big Island roller derby league came into being February 2010, when a handful of skaters met at Bear’s Coffee in Hilo. One of Hawaii’s first derby girls, Stephanie “Firefly Fatale” Collins, explained how it all came together after that. “We had a lot of really long organizational meetings before we even started skating, mostly due to the fact that everyone had to wait for their skates to ship,” she said. “Once practices started, everybody just got hooked and even more people joined. There was a lot of interest in roller derby, so everything just exploded from there.”

A Hulagan attempts a hip check against Honey Badger jammer Von Schlappenbitsch #8. Paradise Roller Girls versus Pacific Roller Derby at the Battle of the Islands 2012. Photo by Mr. Forbidden.

A Hulagan attempts a hip check against Honey Badger jammer Von Schlappenbitsch #8. Paradise Roller Girls versus Pacific Roller Derby at the Battle of the Islands 2012. Photo by Mr. Forbidden.

Since Paradise Roller Girls’ inception in 2010, three more leagues formed on the Big Island – Kona Outlaw Roller Girls, Echo City Knockouts (Kona) and the Waimea Wranglers, bringing the total to 8 leagues in the state of Hawaii.

Paradise Roller Girls’ first debut bout was hosted at Hilo’s Civic Auditorium in November 2010. It was a sold out event that brought even more attention to the sport on the Big Island, helping to bring new players on board and a fan base that wasn’t always certain of the rules, but knew something exciting was going on.

Paradise Roller Girls

“All I knew was they would skate around the rink as fast as possible, pushing and shoving each other out of the way,” derby fan Scott Albright said. “Eventually I came to understand the rules, which are quite simple. Two girls race each other through a pack of blockers and the one who gets through first becomes the lead jammer. After that both jammers get one point each for every opposing player they pass until the jam is over.”

PRG former skater Alane “Hot” Cole said it’s important for fans to know derby is a real sport, and not just theatrical entertainment. “We want to educate people new to the sport on what today’s modern roller derby is and how different it is from the 80’s entertainment that is stuck in so many people’s heads,” she said. “When you mention roller derby, folks invariably mention elbows to the face and catfights on skates and ask if that is what PRG is about. That is not the case at all; flat-track Roller Derby is a sport first and foremost. The skaters are amazing athletes.” Modern roller derby has retained the campy costumes and flamboyant skater pseudonyms but under the fishnets and glitter the skaters are dedicated athletes who put in long hours training and conditioning.

PRG jammer Atomic Ace #151 races ahead of Hulagan blockers. Paradise Roller Girls versus Pacific Roller Derby at the Battle of the Islands 2012. Photo by Mr. Forbidden.

PRG jammer Atomic Ace #151 races ahead of Hulagan blockers. Paradise Roller Girls versus Pacific Roller Derby at the Battle of the Islands 2012. Photo by Mr. Forbidden.

Basics of Flat-Track Roller Derby

Paradise Roller Girls play flat-track roller derby according to the rules governed by the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA). In flat-track roller derby, a standard bout consists of two 30 minute periods played on a large flat oval track. Each period is divided into jams that last up to two minutes. At the start of a jam, five players from each team take positions on the track. Four members of each team form into one group, called the pack, behind the pivot line. One skater from each team is designated as the Jammer (the skater with 2 stars on her helmet cover) who will score points for her team in that jam. The jammers from both teams line up on the jammer line located behind the pack of blockers. The jam starts with the blast of a whistle from the lead referee and both the jammers take off. They are racing each other to get through the pack of blockers first to establish the status of Lead Jammer which will give her a strategic advantage to call a jam off early in order to deny points to the opposing team. After a jammer completes her first pass through the pack she can now start scoring points for her team on each subsequent pass through the pack. She scores a point for each opposing blocker she passes (plus one point if she also laps the opposing jammer) for a total of 5 points possible per lap.

The blockers from each team must stay within 10 feet of each other to be in the pack. A skater must be within 20 feet of the pack to be considered in-play and able to legally engage other skaters.  It is the blockers job to help her jammer while holding back the opposing team. A skater can use her torso, shoulders and hips to block another player; she may not use her head, elbows, hands or feet. A block can be simply impeding her target’s progress or a body blow to knock her to the floor. Skaters may never hit another skater on the back, head or below the mid-thigh. Blocking to an illegal target zone will result in a penalty. A skater can also receive penalties for insubordination, direction of game play or engaging another player while out of play. Each penalty called by a referee earns a skater one minute in the Penalty Box. If a jam ends while a skater is still serving her time she will start the next jam in the box, forcing her team to start short a player. The bout is won by the team with the most points at the end of the second period. If the bout is tied when the clock runs out then they will skate another jam in order to break the tie.

See a live roller derby bout this Saturday

Interested skaters, fans, new comers, and curious onlookers can find out for themselves what derby has become by joining the Paradise Roller Girls at their next scheduled bout, August 24 at the Hilo Civic Auditorium. The bout starts at 7 pm when the Paradise Roller Girls’ Honey Badger all-star team will take on the Hulagans from Oahu’s Pacific Roller Derby league.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the auditorium when the doors open at 6 pm. Tickets can also be purchased in advance at Mt. View Village Video, CD Wizard, Hilo Town Tavern, Jungle Love Pahoa, Jeff Hunt Surfboards Pahoa, or online at paradiserollergirls.com. Kids 5 years old and younger are free. Don’t miss Center Stage Dance Studio’s halftime performance for a hot dog or slice of pizza. Food and merchandise will be available throughout the evening.

Paradise Roller Girls is a women’s flat-track roller derby league based on the Big Island of Hawaii. PRG’s mission is to promote a healthy, athletic lifestyle in their community through the alternative sport of roller derby.


Paradise Roller Girls Honey Badgers Take 3rd in Battle of the Islands

Paradise Roller Girls’ All-star team the Honey Badgers took third place in last weekend’s Battle of the Islands derby tournament in Maui after defeating the Garden Isle Renegade Rollerz 172-112. “That game went really well,” Honey Badger Mealoha ‘Tsunamea’ Kraus said. “We were able to keep our heads level, work together, and execute some really good strategy.”

Honey Badgers Travel Team

Click to view members

First round elimination rules prevented the Honey Badgers from going to the finals after losing to Maui in the first bout of the tournament. The Honey Badgers dominated the first three quarters of that bout, but a series of penalties gave Maui the opportunity to come back and hang on for the win. Kraus said the “power plays in favor of Maui is what did us in there.”

A power play happens when one or more players on the same team are sent to the penalty bench for fouls, giving the other team’s jammers more room to score points. Honey Badger Rebecca ‘Reba SmackNflyher’ Hilbert said there wasn’t any one play in the tournament that stuck out above the others.

“So much happened I would not know where to begin,” she said. “To suggest that any one play be mentioned over all the others is impossible. The winning spirit of the PRG Team that went to Maui is what impressed me the most.”

Kraus said the biggest difference from the way the Honey Badgers played in this tournament compared to last year’s experience at Battle of the Islands on Oahu. “Now, we have a lot more strategy and work more cohesively as a team,” she said. “Playing our neighbor island leagues is a crucial way for us to continue to learn, no matter what the outcome.”

The Honey Badgers’ play Pacific Roller Derby’s Hulagans in their next regular season bout August 24 at the Hilo Civic Afook Chinnen Auditorium. For more information about upcoming events visit paradiserollergirls.com.

Paradise Roller Girls is a women’s flat-track roller derby league located on the Big Island of Hawaii. PRG’s mission is to promote a healthy, athletic lifestyle in their community through the alternative sport of roller derby.


Battle of the Islands – Roller Derby Tournament

The Battle of the Islands, a Roller Derby Tournament featuring the best roller derby teams in the entire State of Hawaii will happen on July 14th, 2012 at the Hilo Civic Auditorium and is scheduled to begin at 11:00 am.

Paradise Roller Girls Present – Midsummer Night Scream

Paradise Roller Girls

Roller Derby Double Header! Paradise Roller Girls HAWAIIAN HONEY BADGERS vs Seattle Rat City SOCKIT WENCHES vs Pacific Roller Derby HULAGANS
Doors open at 3pm.
Hulagans vs Sockit Wenches @ 5pm
Big Island Babes Junior Derby Scrimmage @ 6:30pm
Paradise Roller Girls vs Sockit Wenches @ 7pm

Come in costume for the 2nd half-time show derby SUPERFAN Costume Contest – grand prize wins an 8-line zipline adventure for 4 from Honoli’i Mountain Outpost.

TICKETS $10 advance / $15 at the door / Lap babies 2 yrs and under are free.
Available at: CD Wizard (+$1/ticket fee), Akmal’s Indian Food, Mt. View Village Video, Oasis Skate, Jungle Love, Kalapana Village Café, or buy online at www.ParadiseRollerGirls.co​m.

$1 of each ticket sale will be donated to the Hilo SkatePlaza Coalition.

The Hawaiian Honey Badgers

The Hawaiian Honey Badgers

This Ain’t No F#@%! Luau… Garden Island Renegades Defeat the Paradise Roller Girls of the Big Island

Tonight was the second roller derby held at the Hilo Civic this year featuring the Paradise Roller Girls of the Big Island taking on the Garden Island Renegades from Kauai.

The derby began at 6:00 but they opened the doors at 4:00 and people were tailgating as early as 2:00!

Tonight’s derby featured a super fan costume at half-time.

Not even Darth Vader could take down the eventual winner of the contest who was a young girl that flipped across the floor doing back flips!

The “Superfan #11”

The girls from Kauai were a very tough team that came to the Big Island with the goal of winning one on the home teams turf.

But our Paradise Roller Girls represented us well considering they haven’t been organized as long as the Kauai team.

The civic was once again sold out and they had to make several announcements to tell people to get of the fire lanes!

Tonights match up seemed to have more of a heated feeling towards it as the two teams are actually from different islands so it created the natural rivalry.

There seemed to be a lot of penalties called tonight as folks were constantly getting sent to the penalty box.

These girls really work hard to put on an excellent match and there are injuries that occur!

The action got heated in the second half as the Paradise Roller Girls pulled within 10 points of the visiting Renegades.

The visiting team defeated the Big Island girls by a score of 101 – 131  but the real winners are everyone on the Big Island that have a new “thing” to do every so often and I can’t wait for their next bout… just make sure you come early as the parking lot was packed!

I found it interesting that the Kauai’s coach here in red was more drenched in sweat then most of his players! :roll:

*UPDATE* Now that I think about it… I think these Senior Citizens should have been voted as “Superfans”!

Click on the pictures below for a larger view:

The Scaries Defeat the Fairies… Roller Derby Returns to Hawaii

Tonight marked the return of Roller Derby on the Big Island of Hawaii and The Paradise Roller Girls put on one hell of a show to a sold out Hilo Civic Stadium.

The Team Rosters (Click to Enlarge)

The Scaries

The Fairies

The match was pretty even up until the final few minutes of the game and thats when the Scaries pulled away for the win 137 – 112.

I have never seen the civic so full before and this is a great sign for things to come.

“…We are your mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters and friends.  Take a close look at our roster… You may be surprised by some of the faces you see.  Yes, that is the woman who sold you your house last year.  Yes, that other girl owns that store you go into all the time.  And that chick, yep, she’s your son’s elementary school teacher… ” Meg Premo  President of Paradise Roller Girls stated in the brochure.

So be sure to check out the next bout when it happens.  I’ll be sure to announce it here as well.  Here is a short clip of a “Jam”:


For those of you that think this might be the fake stuff… well you can ask “Knuckle Slamwitch” how fake this is as she ended up with a pretty serious injury.

I had a great time… and even my son tried to get in on the action with a little half time hula hoop show!

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below or above for a larger shot:

Of course we can’t forget the Ref’s and the other members of the Paradise Roller Girls:

The Derby is On TODAY!

Media Release:

For the first time in decades, Hilo will set the stage for an action-packed evening of women’s roller derby, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The Paradise Roller Girls rolls out its first derby bout, “Fairies vs. Scaries” on Sat., Nov. 27 at Hilo’s Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 5 p.m., and the action starts at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door the night of the event. Tickets can be purchased online at www.brownpapertickets.com, at local outlets including CD Wizard, Hilo Burger Joint, and Mountain View Village Video, or from your favorite derby girl.

Paradise Roller Girls is a women’s flat track roller derby league based in Hilo, Hawaii. The league was formed in February by a dozen or so adventurous women looking for something fun to do in a quiet town. Now, more than 60 women are part of the spirited “warriors on wheels” group, which holds practices several times a week throughout East Hawaii.

“You’ll be surprised at the familiar faces on the program,” said PRG’s president, Meg Premo, aka Megative. “We’re a diverse group that includes realtors, mothers, farmers, teachers, business owners, you name it. What we share in common is a love to skate and the sisterhood of being a Paradise Roller Girl,” she said.

At Saturday’s bout at the Civic, fans will watch the Scaries and the Fairies compete against each other in two 30-minute “jams.” During each jam, which is a simultaneous match of offense and defense, a sprinting skater or “jammer” from each team tries to score as many points as she can. PRG adheres to Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) rules and has qualified referees in the league.

Come out and support your local roller derby, with action packed entertainment, and family fun. For more information and to “meet” the PRG, check out www.paradiserollergirls.com.