Mayoral Race Break Down by the Way Voters Voted

This page is very difficult to read so I broke it down here:

Angel Pilago:
3396 Absentee Mail Votes
6903 Absentee Walk-in Votes
17206 Election Day Votes
27505  Total Votes

Billy Kenoi:
6752 Absentee Mail Votes
9676 Absentee Walk-in Votes
20934 Election Day Votes
37362 Total Votes

If you want to see how other races fared, you can check it out here.

My Polls Closed… Results: Pilago, Safarik, and Blas Take It

Big Island Mayoral Race:

[polldaddy poll=”942031″]

County Council District 5:

[polldaddy poll=”942038″]

House Rep. District 4:

[polldaddy poll=”942042″]

Whatever Happened to the Latest SMS Poll?

On September 24th I was Polled by SMS research about which candidates I was voting for and I blogged about it here.

This was the second time that SMS polled me.  The first time they polled me, the results of that poll were published within 2 weeks.

I have not seen any results of the second poll that they polled me on.  I wonder if this is because in the first poll that SMS conducted… they had Kenoi with a slight lead… so the Tribune did report on it, however, it’s in their archives now, but I did blog about it here.

Why has the second SMS Poll not been published?  Is it possibly because Pilago was in the lead in the second poll and the Tribune is pretty much a Union based paper that has endorsed Kenoi?

Dr. Weatherford made a comment which reminded me about this second poll here where he states:

…Did you see the poll in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald and the West Hawaii Today?
No? Neither did I. hmmmm… wonder why?

Live from the Precincts: Hilo Reporter Tossed From Hilo Polling Place

I just noticed this Youtube video and it appears the reporter/cameralady was tossed from the Hilo High School polling precinct for using her camera inside the precinct.

I don’t know what she was thinking of even bringing her camera into one!

I believe she, Heather Havey (SP?),  may work for one of the local cable access companies here in Hilo…  Possibly Na Leo?

Tossed out at about 1:00 minute mark:


The Unofficial Polls: Update

The Unofficial Polls at the top of the page have been quiet of late.  They are still open to vote if you want.


Pilago leads Kenoi 51 votes to 23 votes for 67% of the votes

Safarik leads Naeole 25 votes to 20 votes for 56% of the votes

Blas Leads Hanohano 25 votes to 14 votes for 64% of the votes

Mauna Kea leads Chile in the TMT Poll 30 votes to 24 votes for 56% of the votes.

I would take these polls with a grain of salt but it is interesting to see where some of my readers stand on candidates and issues.

I sure will be glad when this whole election season gets over and I can just blog about things without pissing off people because they think I’m for one candidate or another.

With that said… “Angel Pilago” for Mayor!

Poll For Favorite Response on Keaau Bypass Picture

I blogged about this picture a few days ago and asked for people to caption it.  Now it’s your chance to vote for the best response to this picture:

[polldaddy poll=”990431″]

What Happened With the TMT Supporters… Opinions Changing?

In my previous poll on the TMT about whether people are in favor of having the TMT on the Big Island, out of 24 votes cast so far 83% are in favor of it…  20 Votes for 3 Votes Against and 1 undecided.

Now that readers of my blog see that there is actually an option for the TMT to be located elsewhere besides Hawaii, the numbers are quite different on my most recent poll as to where it should be located, the results are much closer:

So far, 35 votes have been cast.  17 prefer Mauna Kea and 18 Prefer Chile,  just ONE vote from a dead heat.

I would imagine that these stats might even be a bit stretched since a few supporters of the TMT project have blogged about this poll to their readers on their blogs here and here, yet I haven’t read any bloggers that are against the TMT pointing towards my poll.

To me,  it makes it even more astonishing that people are either changing their mind on this project, or I just have a different set of readers participating in this poll compared to the first one.

Honolulu Magazine on the TMT Proposal

Just noticed that the “Honolulu Magazine” has an article on the TMT project slated for Mauna Kea.  It’s a good read with Richard Ha and  Deborah Ward going to bat on both sides of the issues.

Also noticed that my poll on where the location of the TMT should be is running almost dead even on the subject.

Chile vs. Mauna Kea: Thirty Meter Telescope…The Location Poll

I just noticed that a worldwide survey was conducted… unbeknown to many of us here on the islands I would assume because I never heard about the survey before today:

A worldwide survey to select the best locations for astronomy research has narrowed the number of potential sites to two: Cerro Armazones in Chile’s Atacama Desert and Mauna Kea on Hawai’i Island. Each of the candidate sites has conditions that are essential to astronomy: very clear skies, very stable atmospheric conditions above the mountaintop, and low humidity.

So I decided I would run a my own poll.  I’m curious where I could find the other poll listed above though?

Where would people like this Thirty Meter Telescope to be if there is an option?

I’m moving the Poll to the top of the Page.

Another SMS Pollster Just Called Me AGAIN… RE: State of Hawaii and Big Island Mayoral Race

I got another call from SMS Research out of Honolulu.  I don’t know how many other people are getting them… but I find it weird that I keep getting them.

Some of the questions asked.

In general is Hawaii better off or worst off then 5 years ago?

In 5 years, do you think Hawaii will be better off or worst off?

Please Answer the Following about the following people.

Are you in Favor of Obama, McCain, Pilago, Kenoi (each one at a time)  Very favorable or not very favorable

Then again they asked my Age, Union Affiliation

Whether I supported the Con Con… and at what Costs I think the Con Con should happen… etc.

How often a Con Con…etc…

I don’t mind taking the 5 minutes to answer these phone calls as I know public opinion often gets swayed by opinion polls.

I do find it funny that they would call me again after they called me earlier I guess they wanted to see if my opinions changed.

I mentioned the results of the Poll a few days later here.

I do have to wonder about the methodology of this polling system.

Interesting Results Coming in on the Polls

I turned on the option so that I could see how many people had casts votes in my “Unofficial Polls”

The House and Senate Race is a close one w/ Pilago Dominating the Mayoral Poll.

Safarik and Naeole Dead Even

After day one on my unscientific polls, Safarik and Naeole are dead even.

This should be an interesting race as November 4th approaches.

Mahalo Candidates Gumapac, Joseph, Marzi, Sparks, Inouye and All Others that Made a Point to Get Involved

You folks all ran great campaigns.  I hope you will continue to be active in the community.

I’ve learned a lot from all of you and I hope we can continue efforts to build Puna into a better communtiy for all of us.

2010 is just around the corner.


Damon Tucker

P.S. Edit update…

Lorraine I have already said much mahalos to you personally, here and here.

I will be forever thankful for your personal attention to my mom during her times of hardship.

I know that you will be successful with whatever your future endeavors lie.

Pilago Takes Early Lead in New Polls

Of course I’m excited that Angel has moved on to the general election.

I noticed that Angel has once again jumped to a quick lead in my NEW Unofficial General Election Polls.

I guess I don’t have very many Kenoi readers… as Pilago DOMINATED my last poll 161 votes for Pilago and only 49 for Kenoi.

I guess will see how this one turn’s out.

General Election Polls

The General Election Polls have now been posted.

You may click here to get to them or click at the top right on my homepage.

The Polls Are Now Closed

I’d like to thank everyone who voted on my unofficial polls.

[polldaddy poll=”850823″]

Continue reading

My Unofficial “Polls” Closing Tomorrow

I just wanted to thank everyone and anyone who participated in the political polls I had running.

With the primaries pau.. I’ll start new polls for the continuing candidates.

Todays Reporting of the SMS Big Island Mayoral Poll

I reported here last week that I was one of the people they called on this latest Big Island Mayoral Poll.

Today’s tribune has the the results of this poll.

And just as I asked on my previous blog about where they were going with the Union Activity… they answered it here:

“People not belonging to a labor union provided 77 percent of the poll answers”

You see the thing is with these people that are calling and giving these polls, the majority of the time people don’t care to talk to them… thus the only people that respond to these phone polls are people that have an interest in the poll.

I find the polling device used by SMS pretty flawed… and I can only say this, because I was recently questioned by them.  (They had no way to verify if I was even the resident of the house or just some joe-blow picking up a random phone call at this house… as I’m not listed on the phone number they called)

Pilago Dominating, Joseph Pulling Ahead, Marzi Leading, Jacobson Up… Poll Talk

It’s been interesting watching these polls.

As more people find my blog I’m getting a few more votes on the polls at the top of the page.

This really is going to be an interesting race in real life.

The walk-in voting has already begun.  I urge everyone to do vote ASAP and avoid the lines.

Honolulu Mayoral Poll

A more scientific poll then anything I have ever conducted on my blog is being done for the Honolulu Mayoral Race over here.