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    August 2018
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Poinography Digs Up Some Interesting Stuff On Aloun Farms

Doug over at Poinography has been busy for the last year trying to get records from Linda Lingles administration.

I just noticed the following in regards to Aloun Farms in his blog posting “Public Comments for Act 170 thru 178 are cataloged and uploaded“.

…Like last time, this batch also has one especially intriguing item:  check out this record, a letter from Alec Sou of Aloun Farms regarding a bill to extend enterprise zone tax incentives that were about to expire. In the letter Mr. Sou, now awaiting a federal trial on charges of grossly exploiting foreign farm workers, writes, “We have been a company of over 150 full time employees for over a decade. We have recently hired additional employees expanding to roughly 170 due to the availability of the work-pool….

So with due respect to Doug’s research… go check out some of the files that he is cataloging for the public to view!  I appreciate his efforts and he appears to be setting precedence with the Office of Information Practices (OIP) for all of us.

Do You Check Your Links? Re: Poinography Blog

To the person that asked me if I check my links on my site and that the Poinography blog is dead…

Go jump in a lake!

My guess is that Doug at Poinography has taken some time off (yes a long time off) and is probably working on something much more important then blogging.

If you would actually read some of the content of his site… you will find, that he is/was/ and still will be one of the better bloggers in the state.

Just because I link to a site that hasn’t been updated in awhile… doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on with my own blog.

Pfft… by the way… funny how the person telling me this doesn’t even have a blog of their own that I know of.

Maybe if you read more of Poinography… you would realize that it extends to more then the first page… pfft!

Poinography Blog Was Also on the Blackball List

Just noticed this snippet of the memo’s that Noelani Whittington sent out blackballing us, and it also mentions the Poinography Blog over on Oahu!  How crazy is that?

…These individuals are Aaron Stene and Damon Tucker. Their e-mail addresses are aaronstene@hawaiiantel.net or damontucker@yahoo.com

Their blogs are: Kona blog, Poinography, Puna Web, and Hawaii Blog…

* Point for Noelani if she can tell me Mr. Poinography’s First Name.
* Extra Point for his Last Name and Email Address.