Sudden Rush Rocks the Pahoa Village Club

On Friday, after the Pride of Puna kick boxing event at the Akebono Theater, the Pahoa Village Club was the place to be for a concert by the popular local group Sudden Rush.

Lead singer Don Ke'ala Kawa'auhau Jr. in front of the Pahoa Village Club

The last time I saw Sudden Rush perform was over a couple years ago, however, just because they have gotten a bit older… doesn’t mean they can’t still put on an awesome show!

Sudden Rush rocking it at Pahoa Village Club

Here is a video that was produced a few years ago that has been pretty popular:


Of course it wouldn’t have been a rocking concert w/out a T-Shirt vendor!

Fearless Hawaiian

Pride of Puna and Sudden Rush – Pahoa is the Place to Be Tonight

The kickboxing tournament “Pride of Puna” starts at 6:30 at Pahoa’s Akebono Theater tonight:

Then across the street at the Pahoa Village Club, the doors will open at 8:00 for Big Island’s own Sudden Rush.

Pahoa Village Club Goes BOOM With Go Go Dancers

The place formerly known as the “Pahoa Village Cafe” in Pahoa, has changed its name to the “Pahoa Village Club” and it appears that on some Friday nights they have what is known as “Boom” nights where they bring in Go Go Dancers!

I talked with club manager Jose and he mentioned that it’s been going on for a while now.

Club Manager Jose with the Go Go Dancers

For those that know Pahoa… it may seem a bit out of character to bring in Go Go Dancers to this area.

Go Go Dancers at Pahoa Village Club

I asked these girls where they were from and they said they were from the San Francisco area.

Go Go Dancers

I got there pretty early and the crowd was just starting to pick up as folks settled in before the show.

Hanging loose at the Pahoa Village Club

“DJ Supa Fly” was spinning the vinyl last night!

"DJ Supa Fly"

You can contact the Pahoa Village Club at 808-965-1133 to find out more information on upcoming shows.  I’m not sure exactly how often they bring in the Go Go Dancers… but I’m sure its a great hit!

A lucky club patron

Click pictures below for larger version… :roll: