A Bad Day at the Pahoa Post Office – Car Goes Postal!

A bad day at the “Post” Office:

Post Office Truck 1

The owner of this truck thought he was in reverse… but he was actually in drive!

Post Office Truck 2

This accident happened about 1:30 this afternoon blocking off the access to the Pahoa Post Office from Main Government Road.Post Office Truck 3

It didn’t look like anyone was injured and the guy just seemed a bit embarrassed!Post Office Truck 4

I Got in a Wreck! Another Reason Why Senior Citizens Shouldn’t Be Driving

So less then five minutes after I passed this wreck on Highway 130… I got in a little fender bender myself!

I’m a firm believer that many senior citizens should not be driving on the roads and today I affirmed my belief when a senior citizen banged into my car today.

I was asked to move my car closer to the Pahoa Post Office back door to retrieve packages and as I was just almost around the corner… this older gentlemen between at least 70 and 90 years old started to back up.

I honked my horn several times trying to let “uncle” know that he was about to bang me and there was no place I could turn to avoid him and the next thing I know… I see him backing straight into my bumper!

I felt kind of sad for the gentlemen as I know he didn’t do it on purpose.  It doesn’t help that the gentleman had a handicap sticker to park in the handicap stall… HOWEVER, the STALL wasn’t available because it was being re-striped… AGAIN so he was parked illegally in a place that didn’t give him very good visibility when he was backing out as it was.

I’m just fortunate the gentleman had insurance and everything will be taken care of and thankfully no one got  injured.

But still yet… Senior Citizens should be tested every year for hearing, sight and DRIVING ABILITY.  Heck in some cases… some seniors should be tested every month!

With the new design of the parking lot at the Pahoa Post Office and the increased traffic along that road… I’m sure I’m not the last person that will be getting into a fender bender there.

Howard Dicus: “Stamp Out Overpaid Postmasters”

I think I had one of my bigger “Blogging” laughs this morning when I checked in at Howard Dicus’s Blog.

He writes in a blog entitled “Stamp out overpaid Postmasters

…President Obama lashed out against those overpaid CEOs, collecting millions for failure. Now someone has noticed that a CEO named John Potter makes $850,000 a year.

He’s the Postmaster General…

…The Postal Service no longer gets taxpayer dollars but it’s still hamstrung by more federal requirements and more federal oversight than its competitors have. As a result, it faces a $6 billion loss in the current fiscal year despite raising the price of a stamp every couple days…

…I am especially impressed by Hawaii postal workers, who are friendlier than their mainland brothers in the face of sometimes short-tempered customers…

I can think of one postmaster that definitely doesn’t deserve his pay raise this year.  I won’t mention any names. :roll: