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Next Stop TV – Big Island Edition Now Available on YouTube

In March of 2011, I was asked to be on the television show Next Stop TV where they filmed some adventures that were done here on the Big Island and the segment I was in was with Hawaii Forest & Trail.

Me inside the “Pinz” with Next Stop TV host John Olson.

The show aired a few months after we filmed it in different parts of America and I just noticed that Next Stop TV has loaded the full episode to YouTube and is now available for viewing:


Next Stop TV – The Big Island… Airs This Weekend

The travel adventure show Next Stop TV that filmed here last month on the Big Island will start airing the Big Island segments tomorrow.

Next Stop TV

Next Stop TV talks to Rob Pacheco of Hawaii Forest & Trail

I was lucky enough to be an “Extra” on the show during the scenes that were filmed with Hawaii Forest and Trail along the Kohala Coast.

Next Stop TV

Riding in a Pinzgauer

The time slots are on KHNL (NBC) at 6:00 pm on Saturday night and 11:00 pm on Sunday night.

Next Stop TV
Next Stop TV airs this weekend

You can check out some clips that host John Olsen did with KHNL news here: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/14534845/next-stop-big-island

Next Stop TV Does the Big Island… Behind the Scenes

During the last week, travel adventurer John Olson and his television crew from Next Stop TV have been cruising around the Big Island filming places and adventures for their upcoming show that will be featuring The Big Island of Hawaii.

I don’t want to give away the whole show but yesterday I got to tag along with the camera crew and actually be on the show as they went on a waterfall hiking adventure with Hawaii Forest and Trail.

Hawaii Forest and Trails Guide Rob Pacheco talks to John Olson as the camera crew films

We began the day on the Hamakua Coast and got shuttled up to our “hiking” locations in this six wheel pinzgauer.

Inside the Pinzgauer

We crossed streams and went off roading around the Kohala Mountains giving us quite the thrilling ride.

Literally in the bushes!

We stopped at waterfalls along the way while guide Pacheco talked to the camera crew and us about waterfalls and other folklore about the area.

Robert Pacheco talks to the Next Stop TV crew

We got the shortened version of Kohala Waterfalls Adventure tour which was pretty cool since I didn’t have to hike quite as far but still got to see lots of waterfalls and the camera crew didn’t have to hike around with all the heavy camera equipment.

Another waterfall

When I asked guide Pacheco about the names of the waterfalls he told me that there were so many waterfalls that they simply didn’t have names.

Another waterfall

It was a beautiful day and despite the fact that there hadn’t been much rain lately the waterfalls were still spectacular.

And another waterfall!

Some of the waterfalls had places that looked like you could just jump in and take a swim.

Swimming Hole?

And eventually a couple of the folks did jump in at one of the waterfalls.

Cooling off!

We are very lucky to live in Hawaii and have all these natural waterfalls!

Another Waterfall!

This particular Hawaii episode is scheduled to air locally on KHNL beginning April 30th after it’s been edited and will also be aired on the mainland and then also is being syndicated in certain parts of the country.

About Next Stop TV:

NEXT STOP is a new TV travel show featuring the places and the people that make each of our destinations unique. We’ll show you where to go, what to do and how to do it. Fun & positive entertainment is the theme of every show, fetauring local music, sports & activities, local flavors and much more. NEXT STOP not only takes you to fabulous places, but we’ll giv eyou an insider’s look into each of our featured locations.

The creative team that earned seven Emmy nominations for PDXposed uses their accumulated experites in the field of travel to bring you a positive travel experience that delivers the true essence and pulse of each locale. Join host and world travel expert Jon Olson as he takes you to amazing desitnations and introduces you to some of each region’s local residents who define that area’s personality and culture.

We’re not the news and we’re not your average travel show. We’ll take the best of our favorite shows and add our own fun and positive spin! NEXT STOP is your window to your next vacation!

Next Stop TV Host John Olson himself was a great guy and it will be interesting to see what footage they decide to use and what footage gets left on the table so to speak.

A bridge that's part of the Kohala Ditch

They finished shooting at this spot along the Hamakua Coast

The crew finishes shooting for the day

The segment and “hike” ended at a secluded lookout over the Hamakua Coast that was seriously one of the most impressive views of Hawaii I have seen in a long time!

Closing segment

I signed a release form that said they could use my voice and images on TV but I’m not too sure how much footage of me will actually make the broadcast but it will be interesting to see how the show turns out.

Behind the scenes